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Stop Ping Spamming, instead Ping Concisely to Target

I've been chatting with my heroes buddies on this issue the other day, and it occurred to me I might be asking for too much. I'm not talking about all the extra things you can ping on to, which will then be auto-translated for other players from other countries. I'm focusing on pinging in general, like pinging to call teammates for objective. There seems to be people who ping for what they want now, whereas I'd ping for what I want them to do. Full disclosure: most of my experiences come from QM.

Whenever I have a teammate who slams pinging multiple times till it fills up the screen, one of the things I immediately notice is that they tend to use bad pings. If you want your teammates to gather up to prepare early, or get/steal merc camps, it's quite pointless to say "retreat". It only shows you are observing the map and teammates' performance, but it doesn't deliver what you'd want them to do from thereon. They have to guess and communicate further to find out your intention. From my point of view, if pings aren't concise and straight to the point, it's wasted effort. Simply using "need help" ping on the location you are interested in will send the message more accurately. Reserve the retreat ping to actually signal immediate retreat from danger, like 'we have a problem, houston' moment. Besides, why should the recipient or your teammates second-guess the true nature of ping spamming?

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I believe car analogy is probably for the best. Don't second guess what people will perceive of your turn signals. Just signal of your turn to the direction you're going, and the rest is up to the other drivers. If you need team's attention or help, simply pinging the location you need them to see is much more helpful. Banging retreat on their current whereabout is like blaring horns when there's no imminent danger; it will make other players more alarmed, but won't reveal your intention.

But then again, am I holding a weird expectation for pinging behaviors? I thought this was more or less too standard to be even mentioned in a multiplayer video game tutorial.

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