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Storm League Matchmaking is a Joke

Honestly. It ruins the game. I do not care about stacks, I do not care about smurfs, and I do not care about trolls. Those are everywhere and and the last two you really just can’t stop or control. So whatever…


When I get a player who’s played a total of THREE storm league games, EVER, and who has lost EVERY single one of his placement games, place ABOVE me in Plat 3/ plat 2, and who has no concept on how to play his hero or the map or game, I JUST LOSE IT and end up hating Storm League

I have made the grind from bottom silver up to plat 2 soloing a majority of my games, and over the course of 3-4 seasons consisting of nearly 800 games. I have suffered and went through many hard fought victories and losses, watched loads of my own replays, had and continue to get coaching, read and watch guides, try to watch and learn from Fan, practice combos and always try to learn the game, and I did and continue to do all of this to reach top Plat. And when I get some noob on my team vs a 4-man Diamond, gold and plat stack, just can’t help but get so god damn pissed off and frustrated and flaming that I just feel like quitting the game. Like holy god damn shit.

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I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am and the fact that some new player can place higher than me and be so bad just makes me feel like matchmaking is a joke and that I need to stop SL. I don’t care if I lose a well played game and it feels fair, I don’t care if it’s vs a 5stack and everyone is of the same skill level, or even if I lose to smurfs. But please Blizzard, PLEASE, the easiest thing you can do is to NEVER let a new player place in gold or higher, or maybe even silver. It really ruins the game, and not just for the team but the player themselves. They will get so tilted after losing so many games they will just quit, especially after every game they just get flamed. So it’s just so bad and pointless.

Blizzard needs to make it so that you place in bronze or silver and have to grind your way up to higher leagues. No one should ever place in plat, let alone gold. Just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…there’s too much of a skill gap. And, I don’t care how many QM or unranked games they’ve played, no matter what, you start from the bottom. This is truly how you will learn to be better.

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Matchmaking just feels like shit. I wait 5-10 minutes to find a game and another 5 for it to start only to get shit quality ranked games. And I feel like my games are more of a gamble than anything – will I get the new player or not? And if the enemy team gets them, it feels bad too! Because then the game doesn’t even feel competitive, it just feels like a joke and a matter of luck and I’m only winning because I didn’t get the new guy…it’s boring and lame.

This is a simple fix in my opinion that would really improve higher league games.

Sorry for the rant…love the game but matchmaking is shit.

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