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Suggestion: Storm League – 2 ranks, but one pool of players

I think that splitting up the pool of players is not healthy for the game, but I recognize the appeal of individual solo-rank. I've come up with a solution that should appeal to a majority of the players.

Storm League will remain Storm League, but each account has a Solo Rank and a Group Rank. To contribute towards your Solo Rank, you obviously have to queue solo. By default, you will be matched in all games in the SL pool of players not unlike what it is now, but you can choose to check a box to restrict matchmaking so that you only join matches that include exclusively solos and duos.

The reason this checkbox doesn't restrict to solos only is simple: this already guarantees the enemy team will also have a solo queue player, and both teams have an equal chance of having one or two duo-queue groups. Games will have either all solo players, a duo on each side, two duos on each side, or an uneven number of duos on each side – but the chances of a solo-queue player getting into uneven duo-partied games that are "favorable" is literally equal to the uneven duo-partied games that are "unfavorable."

So why uncheck this option at all? If you find matchmaking is taking too long and you just want to get into a match, uncheck it. It will open you up to more possible matches. Unchecking makes SL act the way it does now.

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I understand that there will always be players that will say, "I just want to play with/against only solo players." However, there just aren't enough players to split Storm League up. Most importantly, you and I can agree that this solution is certainly better than what you've got right now. At a minimum, you can choose to not playing against 3/4/5stacks as a solo player if you choose to opt-in for restricted matches, at the cost of increased queue times.

This option also gives way for the Group Rank. When you want to play with friends, you will queue to contribute towards your individual Group Rank. When playing queued as a group, you'll play against any number or parties or solo queuers. Group Rank is effectively what SL currently is, only solo-queued games do not count towards it.

I also want to mention one of the downsides: While party sizes of 1, 2, 3, 5 can easily mix and match, 4-queue parties can only get into a Ranked game if at least one solo-queue player chooses to not restrict matchmaking. This may also be an incentive for solo-players to choose to not check the solo/duo matchmaking restriction, as 4-queue parties are always in need of a solo-queue player; this is also why the matchmaking restrictions for solo players are opt-in.

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That's all. I believe this change would address solo-queue players concerns with playing against large parties, and bring back meaning to Solo-Ranked grandmasters (i.e. cannot boost with smurf friends). This also keeps Storm League in-tact; after all, HotS is meant to be played in a group, and there are certainly many players currently playing SL in parties that would be affected if the pool of players were separated.


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