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Suggestions to improve LiLi’s W build

Content of the article: "Suggestions to improve LiLi’s W build"

Hello! I've played far too many games with LiLi (almost level 300) and while I did like the changes she got a few years ago, I think her W build could be improved. It rewards dive comp and solo play, but suffers from overinvestment and lack of wave clear (which is needed if LiLi finds herself in a DPS role).

Issue one (and the biggest issue): the level one talent is tied to a completely different skill. Her level one talent upgrades the serpent to toss out a blind, but (with serpent build) you can't capitalize on that until level 13, with the slow. If you are actually using serpent build for healing, it hurts your healing and is a huge trap talent.

Issue two: Serpents vanish when their target dies. Serpents are built to stay alive and do mega heals on a prime target, which is actually a pretty cool unique heal! In this meta they never last and the excessively long CD means they can't be used much. Either reduce the CD or clear it when a target dies or let us have multiple Serpents again. Maybe consider frontloading the heal. This right here is a huge issue with LiLi's W build – it's a massive investment over all your talents and if the person dies, that's it. It has a lot of potential (tank heals vs raid heals) but it's unrealized.

Issue three: if her W build is meant to let her flex when needed, it needs to hit minions again. Her wave clear is horrible and because of this nerf she can't fill in as a second healer when drafts or QM get weird.

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Lili is in a weird spot. She's potent at low ranks, but skillful use has lost a ton of power because she lost her single target healing and wave clear abilities. It's much harder to be "a good Lili" anymore – she's moderately ok and the line between skillful and dead is too fine to walk it well now with the amount of burst we see. I wonder if part of her popularity is the lack of aiming – Lucio seems just as popular at low ranks. I suspect she's become easier to play, but her potential has been capped lower.

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