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“That’s A Lot of Beef!” – Interview With A Master Series – Interview #1 Spotlighting ETC

Content of the article: "“That’s A Lot of Beef!” – Interview With A Master Series – Interview #1 Spotlighting ETC"

Hey Heroes,

After an overwhelming response from my last thread, we have our first interview with a Master player.

This interview will feature the hero ETC.

Enjoy and hopefully we can all learn together!

Player: u/FreakzWasTaken

1) What is your current player level and which character do you think and feel that you have mastered completely?

im level 1319 and smurf is 304. the hero i have mastered is ETC who is level 112. Not that the level is that relevant, garrosh is like 70 across my accounts and im still not good enough with him.

2) Why did you choose to master this character? What was the appeal?

i just started playing a lot of ETC because i was doing good with him. now i know that it is the opportunity for creativity. a hero like imperius have pretty much one answer to everything, look for a spear to kill people. its the same thing you need to do no matter how the fight looks. ETC have many different things he can do. you can slide someone you think is out of position. you can slide multiple enemies if you see an opportunity. you can be behind the enemies and use w before slide. if the enemies engage you can choose between using w on the engage to stop it, on the enemy backline so they cant follow or interrupt key abilities. if you see the teamfight is going bad, you can use the moshpit even if it doesnt look like a good opportunity, just because if you dont make something happen soon, the fight is lost. all this makes it so that there are always different choises of what to do at any moment in the fight, and i am someone that can just use my feelings and go with the right one most of the times. it is also not so important to be good with skillshots or have fast reflexes, which is good for me too.

3) How long did it take for you to master the character?

i was doing good with ETC pretty much from the moment i picked him up. i am someone that learns fast and the hero just fits very nicely to my style. i would say it took me about 600 games on ETC to get to the point where i have mastered the hero. but its too simple to just say it was the 600 games. the games i played on other heroes also matters a lot in learning and especially playing heroeslounge and stuff like that. ETC is more about having game knowledge than mechanical skill, so you will probably learn more from replays or watching others than playing games. if i had never played ETC before, i think it would only take me like 40 games to play at the highest level.

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4) What modes did you use to master the character?

hero league (storm league), heroeslounge, scrims, replays, streams. it made me a lot better to play in a real team enviroment where i can focus on just doing my heros job, and i had some good teammates that would trust and follow what i wanted to do. so i could try things out and see what works. before i played on a team i didnt even know all the jobs i needed to do as a tank. in storm legue, its often better to do other peoples jobs for them than doing my own, so its sometimes a choice between optimizing your chances of winning and getting the most practice out of the game. practicing playing storm league tanks is also useful for doing well in storm league though.

5) What are the strengths of your character?

i talked about this a bit in 2). the flexibility of having a response to any situation is really good. it makes you never useless in a teamfight. this also means that ETC can be picked early in draft and be good no matter what the draft look like on both teams. also very important in storm league, ETC has good waveclear with level 7 pinball wizard, so you can do other things than just the tank job when your teammates are not doing it.

6) What are the weakness that you have found in the character?

ETC doesnt have any big weaknesses. the biggest weakness is that he is squishy, but you have the tools to not take damage while still doing things because of mobility and the push.

7) What is your favorite utility build for every map?

8) Do you have a specific build for specific comps or enemy comps?

7+8) i basically always go this build. map doesnt matter except a little on level 1.

– 1: Block Party at 1 is usually best, even if its not a good block party game because i dont want to be gathering globes in the early game. it makes me not able to play in bushes and control the map as well as look for opportunities. if there is really no vaue to be gained from Block Party though, i sometimes go Proc Rock. on a map like volskaya or cursed where i dont have many things i need to do in the early game, i will more often go Proc Rock, but usually Block Party is better even if it is easy to get globes. There are maps that people consider globe maps like tomb, but i think it is very important to disrupt rotations, so i dont want to play in vision much on that map.

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– 4: if you dont have w range, you are deleting your hero.

– 7: always Pinball Wizard. its the best wave clear. dont waste your time killing frontline minions when you have to wave clear. its the best in teamfights, quick damage on the right target. dont feel preassured to always make use of it in the fights. sometimes its better to use w before slide. sometimes you have teammates that are following up your slide, so you have to wait for them. in the past i would go Hammer-on if i have 2 follow up stuns on my team because i would then rarely use w after slide. im not sure if this is still correct and i havent played a coordinated kill comp in a while.

– 10: always Mosh. i used to pick Stage Dive often, but after getting really good with the Mosh Pit, it is just the best choice for me always.

– 13: always Mic Check i think. Encore was really good a few patches ago, but i think they have nerfed it enough to never be the right choice now, im a little unsure though. in the case where the enemies have no interrupt for Mosh, it could be the better talent, but i need more testing to be sure. Mic Check is really good because it gives you less afk time. it is especially good if your comp wants to play more defensive and your job is mostly to stop enemy engages, but it doesnt matter because it is always the right choice regardless. dont think about hitting 2 enemies more than your normally would because of this talent.

– 16: if im dying or unable to engage because i would die, i go Show Stopper. if im not, i go Imposing Presence. i take them about just as often. none of these talents are very good. Imposing Presence is a short cool-down, so use it often. mostly you want to use it to kill enemies, but its flexible. dont care too much about getting value out of it in fights, its not very impactful, so you should rather optimize your position for using your other tools.

– 20: look how the fights have been going and decide which tool you have been missing. if you die every time you try to do something, pick Death Metal. if you have had a lot of close calls with walking moshes, pick Tour Bus and it will give you just that little extra tool you need to make those opportunities become easy moshes. if your team is getting completely smacked, pick Tour Bus so you can single-handedly win the game. if you are having trouble reaching the enemy backline with moshes, pick blink. if you are unsure, pick blink. try and hold your choise until right before the teamfight starts so that the enemies dont see what you picked. blink can be good to pick right away because you want to be ready immediately when there is an opportunity. if you are picking Death Metal, write it so your teammates know. also with Death Metal you can wait until you are about to die with picking it, which also makes it possible to change your mind mid fight if blink is looking good. even Storm Shield might be a possibility in this case. when you have blink, play very far back to make sure you are never in vision before the fight starts. i think i go blink 60% of the time, Death Metal 30%, Tour Bus 10%.

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9) What tips would you give to a player who was looking to master your character?

learn all the options you have and when they are good. sliding first, w first, who to hit in what situation, things like that. focus on having a good overview of whats going on in the fight. push your limits to be as scarry for the enemies as possible without taking damage. you have the tools to escape bad situations if you have your cooldowns up. there are heroes where it is more important, but decently important for ETC, learn to play out of vision often.

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