Heroes of the Storm

The condition of the player base

I want to start out by saying that HOTS has always had one of the best communities for an online competitive game. I have noticed a change over the last few months, though. The great community has become largely tainted with toxic players and afkers.

I honestly play more games that require me to report abusive chat or afk than without. I feel as though I cannot get a single good close game in that doesn't have at least one bad apple in the bunch. Does that mean that 10% of our player base are shitters? Possibly. My SL rank goes up and down between gold and plat, sometimes diamond. They are all toxic almost all of the time.

Lose a team fight before level 10, "gg, afking in nexus." Turn the game and win after a comment like that when someone calls gg at level 13 with maybe one fort down and call the person out gently, "That's why you don't call gg before a core is dead, because comebacks are real in this game." Get flamed for it. They just double down.

Try to play Brawl, which I feel is a very fun game mode, and it is constantly ruined by players either queuing and going afk during draft or as soon as the game starts, or you have bickering flame wars in nearly every game.

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I love this game, and I have played it since early alpha stage. This is probably my favorite game over the years if I have an hour or less of free time and I want to unwind a bit. The players ruin it, and the AI either cheats, or is completely useless while cheating. The reporting system feels absolutely ineffectual. The most that ever happens is that person being abusive is muted. The afkers are still in almost every game. I am really getting frustrated that one of my favorite games is being ruined by other people with no empathy and seemingly narcissistic sociopaths everywhere you look.

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