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The damage taken stat shows real and actual contribution to the game – stop with the silly justifications against it

Content of the article: "The damage taken stat shows real and actual contribution to the game – stop with the silly justifications against it"

I'm creating this post because I'm tired of seeing the same silly justifications against the damage taken stat, like "no, tanks are not meant to eat free damage", "no, tanks should be taking as little damage as possible", "no, high damage taken doesn't mean the tank is playing well".

I know this is going to get downvoted to negatives by people who haven't even bothered to read the post but that's okay with me (same people downvoting and not reading are the same people posting those justifications probably).

So let's just address all those misconceptions once and for all, and show why the damage taken stat should return.

First of all, there are 2 kinds of players:

  1. Players who play to win, try their best to dodge skillshots and try their best not to take unnecessary damage
  2. Trolls who will do anything to pad stats even if it means reducing their chances of winning

Let's talk about both categories of players, starting with the first category.

In my experience, in my games, at least 90% of people are players who at least try to dodge skillshots and try to win. I very rarely encounter trolls who play just to pad stats even if they know doing so will make them lose.

For the first kind of player (90% of the players) who is not actively padding stats and is playing to win, the only way for them to get high damage taken stat is through high fight participation time. Let's face it, almost all tanks and bruisers have to take damage to do anything. Auto attack damage is unavoidable (can't be dodged). Fort and keep damage is unavoidable if you want to tank the fort and keep for your team to dive. Spells should be dodged as far as possible but most tanks and bruisers have big hitboxes so that is not always possible.

That means that, if you're a player who is playing properly, trying your best to dodge spells and trying your best to do your best job as a tank/bruiser (90% of the players), the ONLY WAY for you to get high damage taken stat is by:

  1. Staying alive for longer periods during fights (the longer you stay alive and heal/self-sustain, the more damage taken stat you get. The faster you die, the less damage taken stat)
  2. Never dying before a teamfight (you want to maximise your fight participation time. Getting bursted or dying before a long teamfight is a sure route to very low damage taken stats)
  3. Participating in a lot of fights (the more you help your teammates in fights, the more damage taken stat)
  4. Being at objective early or on time so you participate longer in fights
  5. Being active on the map such as scouting bushes for your team (might take damage)
  6. Being active on the map such as camping enemy globes and taking globes for your team (might take damage)
  7. Being active on the map such as invading enemy camps for your team, holding control points for your team, holding beacons for your team
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AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL to maximise damage taken stat: staying alive while doing all the above because, for players who are playing properly, the more time they spend alive actively doing stuff for their team, the more damage taken stat they will have. The damage taken stat is literally an indicator of how much time they spent alive doing useful stuff for the team if they're not padding it on purpose.

In other words, for a player who is not padding the stat on purpose, the only way they can get a higher amount of damage taken stat is by participating more, staying alive longer and doing more stuff. Read that again.

It's a myth that you get huge damage taken stat by feeding non-stop. If you go on heroesprofile, the average damage taken by stitches and diablo is about 100,000 damage per game.

A level 10 stitches has 4529 hp. So if we take this the hp of this average level 10 stitches who spends 3/4 the game dead with 15 deaths, he's only going to have 67,943 damage taken from that 15 deaths.

67,943 damage taken is so pathetically below the average damage taken of 100,000 for the average stitches player for 15 deaths. And I'm pretty sure better stitches players who stay alive longer and do more useful stuff rack up even higher damage taken stat numbers than 100,000. The better you are at staying alive and self-sustaining yourself, and doing useful stuff for your team, the higher your damage taken stat. You don't get damage taken stat by feeding out of your mind, that's a myth and that's not even a good way to pad the stat. It's even worse in the late game because every death takes you out of the game for so long that dying is horrible if your goal is to pad damage taken stat, dying is the very last thing you want to do.

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Now let's talk about the second category, the 10% of trolls who pad stats even though they know taking unnecessary damage is bad.

The only thing I have to say about trolls is, why are we catering to trolls? A troll can play lunara and pad useless poison damage stat all game. Are we gonna remove the hero damage dealt stat because of that? A troll can save their spells the whole game doing nothing except waiting for the last moment to steal kills with it. Are we going to remove the kill counter because of that?

No, we're not removing any of those stats just because they can be abused by trolls. So why is every discussion on damage taken stat revolving around this 10% of trolls, when the stat is an actual and legit stat for players actually playing to win?

That's not even accounting for the uses of the damage taken stat for non-tanks and bruisers:

  1. Players can see which squishy is taking too much poke damage
  2. Players can see which squishy the enemy team is trying to focus down
  3. Healers can see whom to prioritise their heals on and whom to peel for
  4. The damage taken stat has value for many talents. For example, auriel's empathic link is based on amount of damage taken so the damage taken stat can tell you if it's worth it or tell you who to crown after taking the talent. For example, in deciding whether you want to take a self-sustain talent like Dva's liquid cooling, you might want to look at your average damage taken per minute to decide if that self-sustain talent is sufficient for your needs. Etc.
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