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“the goblin” – Tribute to my man )

Content of the article: "“the goblin” – Tribute to my man )"

In memory of my Beloved Gazlowe

i got nothing BETTER to do

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By taking power out of his turrets early in the game so the opposing laner has more things to do other than worry about constantly killing his stationary cannons and dodging his skill shots, the development team was able to put more power into this other abilities.

the power is demonstrably there… just… as much as the fun!

the development team knew they had to find a spot for the goblin

it's not "the goblin", it's Gaz… Tim

When Gazlowe was first created, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, there was a role he slid into called "Specialist." Specialists were heroes who could act as lane bullies, clear mercenary camps effectively, control key objective points, and had unique playstyles compared to the more "traditional" roles. They couldn't team-fight well but their impact was felt in other areas of the map.

remove towers ammo, add 1/3 waves cata and jump from the mesozoic to 2020 anno domini. The difference jumps to the eyes, it really feels like complete different games, characters, minions, structures, camps, mechanics, maps, worlds, universes, galaxies and everything!

With Gazlowe having a more defined role in a team composition going forward, the development team believes that he'll be a lot more embraced by those who want to play as him or around him.


Despite his role changing, long-time Gazlowe players shouldn't have too much of an issue picking up their bomb-wielding friend as, at his core, he's still the same guy they know and love.


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"I think there will be a little bit of a learning curve, but I think that his abilities work in a similar kind of way. It's just that we've really taken delays off and given a lot more of the agency to the Gazlowe player to make the abilities hit in the way that you would think they would," said Jackson.

"j u s t" "taken delays off"

Rest In Peace amigo <3

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