Heroes of the Storm

The way to improve Kharazim

I like the state of Kharazim in the game right now, but I'm obsessed with the improvements of the heroes I like and here's my vision of how to make him even better:

Base kit: Increase auto attack damage by 15%. (Explained in lvl 1 talent tier)

Level 1.

  • Iron Fists: Decrease the damage by 15% to compensate AA damage growth. (By increasing his AA damage Kharazim can do more damage by picking other traits)

  • Insight: Every third Basic Attack restores 14 Mana, and decreases cooldown of basic abilities by 0.5secs. ( With the romoval of quest part of Insight Kharazim in early game can play his role of a healer, without unhealthy non-stop punching everything that exists)

Level 4. All allies should require 2 auto attacks to be destroyed. (This way all allies will be equal)

  • Air Ally: Place an Air Ally that reduces Heroic Ability damage nearby allied Heroes receive by 20%, that lasts 10 seconds with 45sec cooldown. (With this change Kharazim will be good at dealing with mages, and play his role of a support/healer)

  • Spirit Ally: Cooldown should be reduced to 30 secs. (Rehgar has the same talent, that heals allies in the circle with 30 sec cooldown. What did Kharazim do to you?!)

  • Earth Ally: Cooldown is increased to 45secs. (Earth Ally is too strong, so the cooldown should be increased a little bit)

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Level 13. All the talents except Quicksilver should be removed

  • New talent 1: Every 3rd basic attack grants Kharazim a shield that lasts for 2.5 secs, that doesn't stack. (I don't know the numbers to balance it, so it's up to you. I think it's cool talent that fits his kit of 3 auto attacks. It's better than generic talents he has got at this tier)

  • New talent 2: Activating makes Kharazim unstoppable for 2,5 secs with 75 sec cooldown. Every 3rd basic attack decreases the cooldown of the talent by 2,5secs (I've had many situations when I could cleanse my ally with cleanse at lvl 16, but when I jump in I got stunned instead, and this talent could solve the problem, and overall I think it's better than Sixth Sense)

That's all I wanted to share with, thank you!

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