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The way we play AI games is tragic for beginners

Yesterday I was playing a bot game to grind some daily quests – we've all been there: just start a youtube video on the second screen, pick some low level hero, run it down mid and don't think about it while the core falls after 5-7 minutes. Or so I thought.

At the beginning of the match (we had the typical Morales/Nova/double mage/bruiser combo that only works against AI) I asked if we wanted to just cheese down midlane or actually play the game and the Nova player voted to go mid. We brawled for a bit and then two players left to the lanes while Nova and me (on Morales) and our constantly-oom-mage took quite a while to destroy the fort. And at this point I realized, we were actually playing with three beginners. Don't get me wrong – they weren't awful. They eventually won their lanes and I totally understand that you can die to a Garrosh bot with some high burst behind him.

But the way we, the highlevel-Nova and me, played the game, was catastrophically wrong to a beginner. Our tactic would've never worked against human players: we never left midlane, didn't soak, played dumb builds, overstayed all match long and just relied on our superior micro to farm the bots and eventually destroy the core.

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So, how is anyone supposed to learn the game when especially the more experienced players play such bullshit? Many people here on Reddit have been annoyed by the weak bots, by the insufficient tutorials and lack of game knowledge of more casual players or at lower ranks (which according to some Reddit elitism apparently includes anyone up to low master… but that's a different topic). After the match I actually felt bad for the beginners, messaged two of them, gave some explanations and general tips. But I really feel like players should take those matches more serious.


Cheesing bot games makes new player develop wrong ideas of how to play HotS. Complaining about newer players game knowledge, lack of new players, smurfs and the QM matchmaking while playing objectively bad tactics in bot games is pretentious.

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