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Tips, tricks and some Information for new players in ARAM mode

Content of the article: "Tips, tricks and some Information for new players in ARAM mode"

Hello, I thought it would be nice to share some information I discovered with the new ARAM players. I played a lot of ARAM when it was just a weekly brawl and I realized some things that I want to share with you. I'm sorry for any typos in this post, my primary language is Brazilian Portuguese and I'm using Google translator to help me with this post.

Banned Heroes

Some heroes are blocked and can't be chosen in ARAM mode. They are:

  • Sgt. Hammer
  • Abathur
  • Cho'Gall

Banned Abilities

So far, I've only seen one ability being blocked in ARAM. Which is, for obvious reasons: Lava Wave from Ragnaros.

It is blocked and cannot be chosen at level 10.

Best Heroes to insta lock in ARAM

  • Kael'Thas

His Living Bomb is very powerful against grouped teams. Since ARAM is just one lane, the teams are mostly together, which makes it much easier to spread the Living Bomb. A good talent to assist in this Living Bomb path is Sun King's Fury at level seven, which will increase Living Bomb's damage after it spreads.

  • Azmodan

Azmodan's baseline Quest is easily to completed in the ARAM, as the teams are always grouped, making hitting the Globe of Annihilation quite easy. As shown in the next sequences of the post, a good talent to choose for Azmodan is Gluttony at level 1, which will help you further complete the quest quickly, in addition to giving you that good CDR to use the dunk.

  • Zul'Jin

Zul'jin's maximum strength comes from his level 7 Talent Arcanite axes, where you can increase your Twin Cleave damage to exorbitant levels by hitting the enemy team that will be mostly grouped together.

  • Chromie

As all mages, chromie can easly dmg far targets in a safe spot, but the best thing to pick when you're playing chromie in aram is Slowing Sands at lvl 8 and put this in front of enemy's portal, when their walls still up. As its only one lane the unique path they can have is trhough the Slowing Sands with leads to easy follow up for you and your teammates.

  • Deathwing

His Molten Flame can deal a lot of dmg when built around it. With his lvl 16 talent Conflagration you can make your enemies explode and attack their own nearby teammates, something that is very difficult to deal with when they are all, mostly grouped together..

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Good talents you don't want to miss in ARAM


If you've never played Zagara, you may be wondering "why the hell would Nydus be good at ARAM? It's just a teleporter" and my friend is where you go wrong. Nydus Network in addition to garanting some passives allows you to heal as if you were at the base in a quick match! Check it out: "While inside a Nydus Worm, Zagara regenerates 10% Health and Mana per second".

This can be very useful when you don't have a healer or are draining your mana pool very quickly.


  • Encore (Level 13)

With this talent you can easly get a lot of CDR for your heroic when you hit enemies with your Face Melt, because the enemies will be mostly grouped.


  • Gluttony (Level 1)

This talent is the best way to accomplish your mission quickly, as it achieves more Annihilation by hitting heroes, which is quite abundant in ARAM mode.

  • Art of Chaos (Level 7)

The best part of this talent is being able to recover mana by hitting heroes with your Q, as the enemy team will always be mostly grouped, your mana refund is almost guaranteed when using the Globe of Annihilation.

That's it for today folks, I hope this post has helped you in some way, and if it did, consider voting above to share it across the subrredit. I have more things to say about the ARAM mode, but that would be for another post, because this one was huge! Thanks for your attention, and I'll see you on the Nexus.

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