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Two flaws with the medallion mechanic

Content of the article: "Two flaws with the medallion mechanic"

Now first of all, I really like the core idea behind implementing medallion, which is reducing chain CC. I really hope medallion can be implemented into the game in some form.

That said however, current medallion falls short of its goals. I give a suggestion below on how I would implement medallion. Please at least read my suggestion below and give some comments before downvoting.

But first, the two biggest flaws with current medallion:

The first flaw:

It does not actually prevent chain CC. It just prevents CC. In fact, it specifically prevents the first CC from hitting before it has even become a chain. And it specifically does not prevent chain cc after the first CC hits. The moment the first CC hits, the target is going to be chain CC'ed to death (can't pop medallion when stunned). However, you can prevent the first CC and block long-cooldown heroics/abilities like Tyrael's judgment, illidan's hunt, qhira's tether, butcher's charge. NONE OF THESE are chain cc on their own, yet they are hardcountered by medallion

The second flaw:

The second biggest flaw of medallion is this. It takes away all the control and reliability of tank initiations, and makes it stupidly random and frustrating for tanks, and puts all the power into the backliners to decide what to do in a given situation. What I mean is this. Anub'arak burrow charges an enemy hero knowing his medallion is off cooldown. Anub'arak's skillshot is on point. But what's going to happen? Anub has 0 control over what happens next. Whether the target gets stunned, or the target decides to use medallion, anub does not know. He has 0 control. 100% of the control is in the target he is diving towards.

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It's the same for every initiation. The initiator will never know, and has 0% control over whether enemies medallion away their stuns (and therefore put them in a bad position), or choose to get stunned rather than waste a lengthy cooldown. In a well-designed game, both sides should have some control over the outcome. Take the example of skillshots. The person firing the skillshot has some control over whether it hits, based on how well he aims and where he aims. The person trying to dodge the skillshot has some control over whether it hits, based on how well he dodges and where he moves. That 's good design**.**

Medallion, being instantaneous and capable of being cast reactively to almost every tank's initiation, is not good design because 100% of the control is not with the tank/initiator, it is all with the target being dived.


When casted, medallion will have an animation showing it has been casted, 1.5 seconds after being casted, medallion grants unstoppable for 1 second. Medallion can now be casted while stunned or silenced.

This gives everyone fair warning of medallion being casted. Everyone knows when medallion will proc. It also blocks chain CC specifically. If you get hit by one cc, you can instantly cast your medallion if you wish, and you will be assured that the chain cc cannot be chained for more than 1.5 seconds.

The enemy team casting the cc now has control over their initiation. They know when their initiation will and will not hit since medallion now has a delay.

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I feel like this idea achieves the goal of medallion far better, in a very elegant and simple and well-designed way (but there may be flaws I'm overlooking)

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