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Unheiliger Todesritter (Unholy DK obv.) Concept

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Hi there!

Just a new hero concept I made this morning. Suggestions are welcome! Numbers are somewhat arbitrary tho (I suck at math so I can't balance properly). Everything is given for lvl 1, the scaling is the usual +4% per level. Cooldown times are in seconds.

Not sure which hero would suit the best. Folk on the Battle.net forums suggested Gorefiend, I was thinking of that mad female blood elf from Acherus. Perhaps different skins = different characters? With the same kit.

Base health: 1800

Basic attack damage: 140

Basic attack speed: 1.5/s

Ability Name Description CD
Q Outbreak Apply Virulent Plague to the target, which deals 50 damage per second over 4 seconds and spreads to uninfected nearby enemy targets every second. Does not affect structures 12
W Necrotic Strike Double the damage of your next basic attack and apply a necrotic mark that absorbs healing equal to 100% of the damage dealt over 4 seconds 8
E Death Grip After 0.75 seconds, pull an enemy from the targeted area towards you. Hitting an unstoppable target pulls you towards it instead.* 16
R1 Death's Advance Gain 30% movement speed and disable body collision for 3 seconds. Passing through an enemy hero while Death's Advance is active applies 3 festering wounds 45
R2 Anti-Magic Zone Create an Anti-Magic Zone around yourself to absorb 40% of spell damage taken by friendly heroes within it. Lasts 3 second or until 3,200 damage is absorbed. 70
D Festering Wounds Your basic attacks apply festering wounds to the target, stacking up to 3 times. For each festering wound, deal 8.33% more physical damage to the target, stacking up to 25%. Festering wounds last 5 seconds.
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Name Description CD
L1-1 Pandemic Quest: keep Virulent Plague on at least 3 enemy heroes for 180 seconds. Reward: Virulent plague will spread only once every 2 seconds but will now affect infected targets as well, renewing the duration
L1-2 Necrotic Abscess Necrotic mark now remains for 5 seconds. Quest: absorb 8000 healing with Necrotic Strike. Reward: the mark will last indefinitely until healed through and will grant you the affected hero's vision
L1-3 Death's Embrace Quest: pull enemy heroes towards yourself. Reward: after pulling 8 times, reduce the cooldown of Death Grip by 6 seconds. After pulling 16 times, Death Grip will affect all enemy heroes it hits. After pulling 30 times it will also stun them for 0.75 seconds
L4-1 Angel of Death Unleashed For each festering wound on the target, steal 0.33% of their maximum health every time Virulent Plague deals damage
L4-2 Death Stike For each festering wound on the target, increase the healing absorption effect by 10% and shield the Death Knight for an amount equal to the healing absorption. The shield lasts for as long as the healing absorption effect remains on the target unless spent earlier
L4-3 Stitching the Wounds For each currently active festering wound, regenerate 6 health per second. Three festering wounds disable the target's passive health regeneration. Quest: collect regeneration globes and increase this effect by 0.25 health per second for each globe
L7-1 Blood rune Active. Increase your basic attack range by 2 m and make your next basic attack into a whirlwind affecting all enemies around you. All basic attack mechanics apply 30
L7-2 Frost rune Active. Cancel the next Stun, Silence, or Root effect applied to you. Cooldown starts once the effect is triggered 30
L7-3 Unholy rune Active. Your next Death Grip has no cooldown if it fails to hit an enemy hero 30
L10 See R1 and R2
L13-1 Unchained Plaguebringer Gain 1% movement speed for each currently active festering wound.
L13-2 Locomotor Syndrome Virulent Plague reduces the affected enemy targets' movement speed by 5% per festering wound.
L13-3 Flight of the Bloodle-bee Active. Your next Death Grip pulls you towards the targeted area. Works over terrain 30
L16-1 Unholy Exposure Festering wounds no longer increase your physical damage but reduce the affected targets' physical armor by up to 25%
L16-1 Unholy Sacrifice Active. Bind yourself to an allied hero to grant both 25% armor and split all damage taken evenly for 4 seconds 25
L16-2 Festering Blight Active. Press D to renew the duration of all currently active festering wounds. Affected heroes are revealed 30
L20-1 Devour Magic After the Anti-Magic Zone expires, deal 10%/s of the damage it absorbed to all enemies around you for 3 seconds
L20-2 Death Rune Replace your lvl 7 talent with the Death Rune that grants all the rune effects 30
L20-3 Dark Simulacrum Active. Mark an enemy hero with the dark simulacrum that copies their next spell and grants Death Knight access to a fully talented copy. Cooldown will equal that of the original spell (no active modifiers apply)**
L20-4 Strangulate Active. Silence an enemy hero for 2 seconds 60
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'* The range is about 9 m, and the targeted area is about the same size as Tyrande's Lunar Flare

** Does not copy spells the Death Knight will not be able to replicate, like Greymane's transformation spells or Rexxar's Misha-related spells. Not affected by talents that reduce the cooldown time subject to a specific condition (like keeping Tassadar's D fully charged or using basic attacks like Illidan's trait)

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