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Update on “is this worth checking out?”

Content of the article: "Update on “is this worth checking out?”"

Must I say I love the game it’s very fun once I got DVA and yes I brought her I wasn’t grinding with the crappy heroes that they give you for free.

It’s a lot different than from what I’m use too really so there are times I tend to make mistakes by killing AI thinking I’m gonna get something once they die. That’s a habit that I’m gonna try to kill.

But i love mobas but was drives me away from them is the whole buying stuff and all. And literally HoTS is exactly what I want in a moba. There’s action every minute really. Still trying to get use to the whole Merc camps and tributes rather than the boosts and dragon.

I feel like blizzard made a huge mistake knowing that mobas are the most popular games is the all time best games in the history of videogames really when it comes to competitiveness. Pulling the plug on esports is what kinda messed up the game really instead of fixing it and could possibly be gaining a lot of money from it they went and did that and pulled some devs which makes no sense they have nothing good to be working on besides new content for WoW and OW2 really. So bringing the Esports sponsored blizzard stuff back would honestly help them generate so much more revenue from the game.

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But the game is great the art is great. Ngl knowing how much of a nerd i am and a simp I am for dva since I’m the best with her in both ow and now this. Felt weird hearing her with a different voice actor lol. But really the game is is beautiful to look at. Everyone says there’s different maps but I’ve only seen the cursed hollow or whatever one that’s it really.

The stores for skins and stuff they really need to add more featured and stuff and so forth literally some of the featured stuff came out in 2019 it’s stupid how they won’t exactly update it maybe if they did they would get more players.

People have commented on my one posts saying his teammates are toxic and all you’ll find are smurfs your first few games. Well they are actually very wrong. The sbmm is very well done I had a whole lobby of people atleast lvl 60 and below and they were not smurfs and weren’t toxic at all actually more uplifting we were down by 2 levels on them and still made a comeback and won.

My first pvp match I did with dva was very fun I had great teammates and all around my skill level. Despite us getting smacked in the beginning we actually ended up rallying and making a comeback despite being down by 2 levels on them. I ended up winning mvp with 10/6/4 were my stats. So this game is very fun and you’re not gonna be like Dota where you’ll find toxics with crappy mics scream “ROTATE!!” Constantly or call you names. Like I said I actually found uplifting teammates and it was very fun.

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