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Update on Lunara’s Stophopping trick, now with Science!

A bit ago I made this post explaining this fancy Lunara tech and how to do it. I also showed off a table of the move speeds you should get using stophopping based on mathematics. Since that post, I have done extensive testing of this trick, and I realized there are several inaccuracies present. So I'm going to correct them as well as share actual video and new discoveries.

Read the previous post for more details, but as a quick reminder, "Stophopping" is performed by moving via clicking/pressing and holding a move command, then periodically pressing the stop or hold commands (bound to "s" and "h" by default) to reset the oscillating move speed bonus from Luanra's trait. Doing this at the correct rhythm (read below) will make you move faster than moving normally.

This is a video of stophopping in action.Here, 2 Lunaras are racing against each other in a straight line with "Serenity" using stophopping and the other moving normally (and there's a mounted hero for reference). The first race is done with baseline move speed, the second with Hippity Hop, the third with Galloping Gait. The starts are not perfect, but you can very clearly see the difference in move speed between the two Lunaras. Also note that stophopping is very visually distinct.

Now let's talk about the results of my testing. The biggest inaccuracy in the previous post is that the move speed values predicted by the naïve math are not correct. I do not know what, but something in the game is preventing Lunara from moving as fast as I would expect with this trick. My only theory is that perhaps accelerating from a stop is not instant, so rapidly stopping and starting comes at a cost. But I do not know. In any case, here's an updated version of the table from the previous post:

BaselineHippity HopGalloping Gait
Intended speed:~120%~130%~180%
Theoretical stop-hop speed:134.0%152.0%232.5%
Actual stop-hop speed:~128%~143%~215%

The gains are much smaller than I originally expected, which is sad, but the trick is still a noticeable improvement and is still worth doing.

The second major inaccuracy is the rhythm require to achieve optimal stophopping. I stated previously that the optimal values were 240bpm for Galloping Gait and 192bpm otherwise, but that was based on the same naïve math as the move speed table. The actual optimal values are 192bpm for Galloping Gait and 160bpm otherwise. In all my testing, those values have always yielded the best results. However I will note that you can use the same 160bpm rhythm for Galloping Gait too to make life easier. I found the difference is only a few % less move speed. (I actually use 163 and 195 because I found out time runs 1.5% fast in HotS, but it probably doesn't matter.)

Finally, I thought this trick would be straining and annoying, but honestly I think it's really easy to do when out of combat, especially with the significantly lower 160bpm rhythm. I use an online metronome to get the exact rhythm, and I've had absolutely no issue stophopping from the hall of storms or while rotating between lanes or such. I highly recommend trying it yourself. You do have to get into the habit of clicking and holding the move command to move around instead of just spam-clicking, and you will probably want to rebind the key you use to stop as "s" and "h" are not the most convenient. I use "t" personally, I find that very comfortable and non-intrusive. Other than that, you'll be good to go.

So there you have it, that pretty much covers everything you need to know about stophopping. I hear it's not banned in CCL so I'll certainly be watching for it there 🙂


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