Heroes of the Storm

We need help

To Blizzard.

On Feb 23rd 2021 around 6PM A HOTS streamer was playing HOTS on twitch, playing ARAM.

And A player name "Cat" didn't play the game, he was just moving same place, with no skill used.

Twitch chat said it was "macro" and "Cat" is well known among the HOTS community for doing that.

When Streamer wanted to interview "Cat", he accepted the interview. So he can be more famous among the HOTS community.

Can play 10 storm league in one computer

This Screen shot was taken from "Cat" himself.

His quote was "I can evade any bans that blizzard gives to player. IP ban,hardware bans, you name it." His method to avoid ban is same method from "Fortnite". (He didn't go in details)

He made new accounts numerously with argentina server, where the currency for gems are cheap.

He runs 10 HOTS games in 1 computer, so he can get them level fast and quick. as you see in that picture, all 10 "Cat" were him doing with just 1 computer.

He has been abusing so much that KR HOTS community knows "Cat" is macro user.

This was only part of it. After he made numerous accounts, he gave it to his group.

Those people used the accounts to troll, smurf, sniping streamer, and abuse.

They even managed to make account to GM with no loss.

41 Match, 41 Win GM 305 points

"Cat" told people that HappyRogue is one of his account and 100% win rate in GM.

Yes, they can do anything in HOTS.

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If any person made that group angry or annoyed They come in action to make sure he loses his game, by intentionally dying.

Not just once, but continuously.

There's no use for reporting, because they have a lot of accounts in all tiers.

People who don't know about this group and got affected in their game, they are frustrated to play this game. So we made a survey of what KR HOTS community thinks about macro.

(I really wanted to translate this survey to english, but some people might say i can change the results, so i leave it at the way it is.)

There are 219 people answered this survey with no duplicates.

(April 1st 2021) (Used only authorized ID by korean site "Naver")


  1. Have you ever played HOTS?

Yes : 219

No : 0


2.If you have played HOTS, what is your current level in HOTS? (including smurfs)

1~100 : 8

100~300 : 18

300~600 : 37

600~1000 : 60

over 1000 : 96


  1. Do you play HOTS nowadays?

Yes : 156

No : 63


  1. If your answer is "No", what is the reason for not playing the game?

I'm not interested in this game anymore : 61

There is no time to play this game : 10

Computer Issue : 7

No response : 141


  1. If you are not interested in this game, what makes you choose that?

The picks aren't ideal : 46

Because of trolling, macro, smurfing : 102

Just not fun anymore : 30

Can't play with friends well : 22

Takes too long to play a game : 63

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No response : 96

(This question can be answered multiple responses.)


6.How many macro accounts do you think there are in HOTS?

There aren't any : 4

Little to none : 30

There's a Few : 45

There's quite a lot : 79

Overflowing : 59

No response : 2


  1. How often do you experience Trolling , smurfing , and intentional dying players, while you play HOTS?

1 out of 10 games : 25

2~3 out of 10 games : 69

4~5 out of 10 games : 57

6~7 out of 10 games : 45

I don't know : 23


  1. Do you play other modes (Quick match, Aram, etc) to avoid Trolling, Smurfing, or intentional dying players?

No i don't : 65

Sometimes : 49

Lots of times : 59

Always : 44

No response : 2


  1. How effective you think of reporting system when you report someone?

It never works : 122

It doesn't work well : 74

It works : 14

It works well : 2

It works really well : 6

No response : 1


  1. If you answered "it never works" and "It doesn't work well", what makes you think that?

There's no restriction to making account : 54

There's no knowing whether that person got banned or not : 66

There are way too many accounts, even if reporting system works : 79

Too convenient to use other accounts even if restrictions are implied : 133

Other reasons : 125

No response : 28

(This question can be answered multiple responses)


  1. Do you think people need smurfs to play HOTS?

Yes : 91

No : 127

No response : 1


  1. How many people do you think have smurfs in HOTS?
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I don't know : 18

There's a few : 60

No response : 1

Lots of people : 77

Little to none : 2

Almost everybody : 61


  1. If people needs smurfs, how many smurfs is adequate?

1 : 137

2 : 34

3 : 13

Over 4 : 16

No response : 19


  1. Do you agree with requiring phone number system to prevent excessive smurfs?

Yes : 195

No : 22

We understand people not playing the game because its not fun anymore.

This applies to all games.

But we have to stop people bullying others.

Many KR streamer leaved HOTS cause of bullying. (Worst problem)

Players also leaves HOTS with same reason.

Their goal is to make people stop play HOTS.

Now we have to stop it, and we need Blizzard's help Help us, Blizzard.

From KR sever HOTS community.


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