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Weather effects are bad, but you shouldn’t quit because of it.

I've seen many posts saying that people are quitting hots because of the new anomaly. While I do agree that it is bad and we would be better off without it, leaving the game due to this is stupid.

Firstly, this anomaly will be changed. Just like the previous anomalies, this one will be tuned in order to be acceptable to everyone. Developers have already listened to the community and changed random timing to precise one from PTR to live servers.

Secondly, weather effects are not actually that impactful. Every hero receives the same buff, and while indeed some heroes utilise it better than the others, I do not think that some players will choose specific heroes in order to benefit from the weather. Its impact is low and would have very little effect on the draft.

Thirdly, you hate it because it's new. Most new heroes are considered OP, reworks are considered OP and previous anomalies were also hated. While I must agree that indeed it is hard for the developers to get it right from the first attempt, and they nerf/buff something with time, but mostly the problem lies in the player. With time, the meta adjusts, counterplays become a thing, and the world is becoming much more peaceful. The line between the "game stalling" and the "game changing to an unplayable state" is very thin. If you want the game to change, be ready to accept them. If you do not want the game to change, than don't rant about it stalling and being a "dead game".

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The only reason to quit hots because of the update I understand is if you get performance issues. That is really bad and literally makes the game unplayable, unlike other reasons. But as far as I know many players have performance issues straight after the update, so give it 2-3 days and hopefully it will be better for you.

I don't like the weather anomaly as well, but I will adjust to it and will not "quit the game until it's removed". I also hope, that despite the current negativity in the community, you will continue to enjoy the game

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