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Wednesday Esports Discussion – September 2

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Sign-ups open

If you're looking for a more detailed overview of stuff you can participate in, check out


Community Clash League by HeroesHearth (NA)

  • Prize pool: $24000 for salaries + prizes from donations
  • Player applications will close September 15. Org applications will close September 1.
  • Click here for mode details about the format, schedule, and registration.

Ultimate Heroes Championship Season 2 (EU)

  • Community tournament that will be played from September 21 to November 1.
  • Click here for more details and registration.


Nexus Gaming Series Storm Division – qualifier cup #5

VODs: day 1, day 2

  1. Team Exodia – qualified for Storm Division – CookieMan, EKevin, EToby, Nazmas, RedRobot
  2. CTON (1-2 vs. Team Exodia)
  3. Brawl is Life (0-2 vs. CTON) & Forge Esports (1-2 vs. Team Exodia)

Nexus Gaming Series Storm Division – qualifier cup #6

VODs: day 1, day 2

  1. CTON – qualified for Storm Division – Carbon, CorgiBooty, ElhayM, ENiGMATiC, Fury
  2. Team Alexander Fanclub (1-2 vs. CTON)
  3. He's Literally One (0-2 vs. Team Alexander Fanclub) & Brawl is Life (0-2 vs. CTON)

Nexus Gaming Series – all qualified teams

  1. VGM Gaming – won qualifier #1 – cattlepillar, Hebi, Mokka, TigerJK, Vespertine
  2. Team Alexander – won qualifier #2 – Gondar, Hide, Lockdown, NaCHoJin, Spell (Ttsst)
  3. Chilly Mountain (formerly We Take These) – won qualifier #3 – Infrared, MasonBlaze, Roger, Tremor, Zeenarus
  4. CPogX Fanclub – won qualifier #4 – bkbgrnrjefek, DeagleDan, Gotfilth, LegacY, nintorii
  5. Team Exodia – won qualifier #5 – CookieMan, EKevin, EToby, Nazmas, RedRobot
  6. CTON – won qualifier #6 – Carbon, CorgiBooty, ElhayM, ENiGMATiC, Fury
  7. ReGen – qualified with 221 points after qualifier #5 – Centurion, HoTcHo, Jun, Troy1010, TTporky
  8. Team Alexander Fanclub – qualified with 226 points – Anyproblem, Clazi, clover, jae12321, ThePeleta

Chilly Mountain Fight Night

  • Press Forward 3-0 Team Alexander Fanclub (VOD)
  • Lazy King 3-0 Gentlemen (



For an always up-to-date calendar of Heroes esports matches and events, check the calendar in the subreddit's sidebar. You can also subscribe to that calendar by following this guide. And Liquipedia also has a calendar on the front page.

  • Because there's not much going on this week, I'll point out that the Chinese Gold League is still a thing, but I don't cover it anymore since I think the quality has dropped significantly and there's no English streams. Still, if you want to watch it, there's some information on Liquipedia or on the official Chinese website.

September 4 (Friday) – 18:00 PDT | 21:00 EDT | 1:00 UTC | 3:00 CEST

Amateur league stream schedules:


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