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What are your thoughts about Yrel in the current meta?

IMO she is still a great hero. I guess there are stronger choices in comparison to other bruisers, but she got good numbers in the CCL.

I don't think she needs buffs (or at least hard ones) or a rework. In fact, I'm not big fan of reworks unless a hero is in a really bad spot in multiple facets.

About stats, according to HeroesProfile, even at master level she has one of the lowest WR in relation to other bruisers. About her talents, I think there is quite room for improvement.

Here are some talent numbers filtering Diamond/Master level:

  • Maradd’s Insight: 4% Popularity, 48,5% Win Rate
  • Aegis of Light: 2,8% Popularity, 44% Win Rate

About level 10:

  • Ardent Defender: 94% Popularity, 52% Win Rate
  • Sacred Ground: 6% Popularity, 50% Win Rate

About level 20:

  • Word of Glory: 10% Popularity, 62% Win Rate
  • Hallowed Ground: 2% Popularity, 70% Win Rate (just 10 games though)
  • Bubble Hearth: 10% Popularity, 69% Win Rate
  • Seraphim: 77% Popularity, 58% Win Rate

So IMO, instead of buffing her as she is already powerful, I would try to improve her level 10 and 20 diversity and just buff some underwhelming talents.

Recently I got some feedback about some possible changes so here I go with a new version:

Level 1:

– Light of Karabour: Increase Vindication's radius by 15%. Hitting an enemy Hero increases Vindication's healing by 45%. If more than one Hero is hit, the bonus healing is increased to 90% 100% *and cooldown is reduced by 1 second (new part).

Maraad’s Insight: increased healing from 135 to 148.

Comments: Dauntless is the dominating talent. I guess Maraad’s Insight is supposed to work in the solo lane, but even when Dauntless isn’t useful, I still pick Light of Karabour that has better poke potential and it’s also more useful in lategame. With this change Light of Karabour would be oriented just to be played in the 4 team. The possibility of reducing its cooldown would be an indirect buff to Aldorf Peacekeeper. Finally I think that it's clear Maraad's Insight needs a buff.

Aegis of Light: Armor increased from 25% to 35%.

Comments: In the past, armor and duration were nerfed at the same time. I think it could work to just bring the armor back.

Level 10:

Sacred Ground: Additional functionality: While in the area, Yrel increases her spell power by 10 %.

Comments: Sacred Ground has a decent Win Rate but I think it would be great to make it more appealing to compete with Ardent Defender (94% popularity).

Level 13:

Holy Wrath: moved from level 16 to level 13. After casting a Basic Ability, Yrel's next Basic Attack *against minions or mercenaries (new part) splashes for 30% increased damage around the target.

Comments: I think that a macro talent makes more sense at an earlier phase of the game. Holy Wrath would surely be too powerful at level 13 though as it both increases power in macro and team fights. With these changes I try it to has no impact in Team Fights and also nerf a little its macro power. This way I think level 13 choices variety would be cool:

  • Velen's Chosen (Offensive)
  • Aldor Peacekeeper (Defensive)
  • Holy Wrath (Macro)

Level 16:

Repentance: moved from level 13 to level 16. Additional functionality: now it deals an additional 20% damage to disabled heroes.

Comments: As Repetentance is moved to level 16 from level 13, it also gets a buff to compete with Templar's Veredict.

Level 20:

Word of Glory: Additional functionality: it also decreases Ardent Defender cooldown from 120 to 100 seconds.

Hallowed Ground: Additional functionalty: it also increases level 10 Spell Power bonus from 10% to 20%.

Bubble Heart: Additional functionality: After Bubble Heart you automatically get full restored health and mana at Hall of Storms.

Seraphim: Cooldown increased from 10 to 12 seconds.

Comments: On the one hand, Seraphim is IMO one of the best 20 talents in the game. On the other hand, Yrel is very suceptible against heavy CC comps and I think that a hard nerf could keep her out of the competitive scene. I think that a slighly nerf could work tough, while making her other level 20 choices more exciting to improve her diversity. It could also indirectly make level 16 Divine Favor more appealing.

I think that it's not easy to make changes to Yrel because she's quite a complex hero. If there were any plans to modify her in the near future, I would appreciate if devs keep her essence and specially her level 7 playstyle diversity. One of the coolest things about Yrel is that she feels like a different hero with each of her level 7 talents.


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