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What if medallion was only available after X seconds of chain CC?

Content of the article: "What if medallion was only available after X seconds of chain CC?"

For example:

Medallion: After a continuous 2.5 seconds of being stunned, rooted, silenced or affected by slows above 40%, medallion becomes available to cast if off cooldown (can be casted even while disabled) to grant Unstoppable for 1 second.

Obviously numbers subject to change based on what is good for balance. But if medallion were only castable after 2.5 seconds of chain cc, it would be much weaker so the cooldown could perhaps be lowered (e.g. maybe 180 or 120 seconds, so once per fight?).

At the same time it would no longer hard counter tyrael judgment, butcher charge, kelthuzard in general, qhira's E, illidan's hunt and so on. It would no longer hard counter any SINGLE ability usage (except maybe a full duration mosh). Instead it would counter ABILITY CHAINS (chain cc, the original intention).

And it would achieve its objective of being usable against long chain CC (although obviously a lot of abilities would have to be rebalanced with this new mechanic in mind)

I believe this gives opportunity for skilled interaction too. If you know enemy medallion is off cooldown, instead of chaining the CC, you want to give a small window in between the cc chain so as not to trigger enemy medallion becoming usable. But this small window might allow enemy to cast protective spells (e.g. iceblock) so the players have to weigh the possibilities and decide whether they want to burn enemy's iceblock cooldown or medallion cooldown.

Also, chaining CC never involved skill before (just cast your stun on an already-stunned target) but with this changed medallion it involves some decision-making (if I chain my stun, will he medallion it away?)

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I haven't played medallion games to have a sound opinion on whether it's good/fun or not and I saw the other thread where a few NA/EU inhouse players dislike its current iteration. But I feel like blizzard's motivation to reduce chain CC is a good one.

Extremes are usually not much fun. HOTS has been cutting down on extreme mobility over the years. Slows are not allowed to be stacked to extremes (slows don't stack at all). Armour stacking was not allowed anymore and max armour is capped. You cannot stack speed buffs at all. Auto attack range of heroes are also kept pretty reasonable even at extremes. Burst is also capped so there's no extreme burst hero capable of one-shotting another hero generally. Armour reduction on enemy heroes cannot be stacked and is capped.

The main point being, a lot of what makes HOTS fun is that it avoids extreme mechanics that distort gameplay, and disallows stacking of these mechanics (stacking speed buffs would be stupid for example, or stacking slow % on top of each other would also be toxic).

But the one thing that's still allowed to be stacked and chained is CC and chain CC is pretty frustrating to play against (cleanse is not on every healer, cleanse is on a very long cooldown).

So whether or not the medallion is good/fun, I hope blizzard can tweak it and find some way to make some variation of it permanent in the game.

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