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What if we use a mix of QM/Brawl hero selection to make QM a better experience?

TLDR: bolded text.

With how QM is mostly frustrating to people who want to play their hero but not on bad maps/comps that are random . Even more so with the incoming anomalies that can make more heroes less/more effective depending on maps.

While they still don't like to go through the draft time or be forced to fill in Draft modes or want to avoid the anxiety/toxicity of SL.

So the Idea is to have options like in Brawl but in QM & it goes like this:

  1. You select your hero and queue (exactly as in QM now)
  2. Map is loaded
  3. Before game starts, you get a Brawl like phase where you get 2 more heroes to select from.

Now let me put more details on the 3nd part:

  • Duration is 30 seconds to change your pick
  • The heroes are unique for all players so a total of 30 heroes are present (3 for each player) to avoid multiple of same heroes on both sides (or only for one side & allow occasional mirrors: debatable)
  • Initially you only see what others queued with and not their options. (to avoid toxicity: debatable)
  • Visibility of your choices to others can be optional (hide by default with a button to show?) so no one gets pressured to change their hero.
  • The optional heroes can be chosen for you to be the closest to you main hero's level (or mmr or whatever they use in MM) so you don't get your main in games that should be easier or something.
  • Each team will necessarily have at least 2 Tank heroes (preferably not for the same player)
  • If a main role is missing (tank/healer/ranged) yours will get highlighted.
  • Filling a missing role can give a bonuses just like Call of the Nexus to encourage that.
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So what I see this method offers:

  • You can still play the hero you want just like in QM
  • You would have a 2nd chance to change hero if it doesn't fit the map
  • Gives you option to fill tank/healer if you want better comps
  • You only lose 30 seconds before game to potentially save ~20 mins of frustration.
  • You can make synergies with team or make a better comp

I don't know about the feasibility of this idea (devs or people who know the engine can tell). And I'm not sure if I covered all the potential issues that can be generated.

So what do you think? And would you like to have this instead of current QM system? what do you think from the debatable parts, from your experience with Brawl/QM?

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