Heroes of the Storm

What I’ve learnt from playing HOTS

Prior to playing HOTS I never played MOBA's. Here are a few things I've learned along the way;

1) If you're a Duo to a 4-stack its never your groups fault its always the rando's fault. You made a boss call on comms and the 5th didn't come? His fault. You died face checking the bush? Rando healers fault because they're not on your team and should know to follow the DPS across the map to check the boss even though you know 100% the enemy is clearly getting it.

2) Matchmaker is garbage and I shouldn't be in Gold, I'm a Diamond player DAMN IT! I don't know why it still thinks I'm gold with 3000 games under my belt and been placed gold 4 seasons in a row. Devs please fix this as its unplayable and goldies are world class garbage!

3) When you get team wiped its either the tanks fault or the healers, as DPS its their job to keep you alive! Its my job as DPS to chase the kills even though I have no mana and half health, like common!

4) You shouldn't even play ranked unless you can fill every role and play at least 70% of the heroes well. I hate when people say in draft "Hey, I'm really bad at healing and have maybe a 30% winrate with them" and you force them to heal and lose miserably. Like common… You picked healer last pick because everyone else auto locked the least you could do is be good at it…

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5) If your tilted its your teams fault. You don't die 9 times in a match without bad teammates. I thought this was basic knowledge but soooo many people don't understand this.

6) Now that Tass got reworked the meta is double mages. If you don't its GG in draft.

7) Always get boss during the curse on "Cursed Hollow". Clearly the 30+ seconds it'll take you to get the boss will out weigh what 5 people pushing a tower could do. Actually (this may be just my opinion) is you should split 2/3 and get both bosses at once.

8) And lastly if you see a teammate struggling or making bad calls you HAVE to let them know ASAP. Don't want them to make the same mistake twice even though their still dead for 50 seconds and your in a team fight. THE WORST is when I die while typing what they could have done better it is 100% their fault! If they didn't die to begin with I wouldn't have died trying to correct them!

TLDR: Always double mage, its never your fault when you lose and when you get tilted its not your fault. Just keep playing until you have 10 losses in a row and blame the matchmaker.

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