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What spot is Medivh in and in what comps does he excel in?

Content of the article: "What spot is Medivh in and in what comps does he excel in?"

I became a medivh main a while back and has racked up over 1000 games with him within the past 6 months or so. I mainly solo queue qm so i never really had to care about comps or his viability, but now I play more with stacks and a little SL and I wanna know what the community thinks of Medivh and what comps he is good in. How powerful do you think he is and what comps do you think the prophet fits in? What do you think his role is in different stages of a game? What position do you think he should be in when teamfights happens? Right behind the frontline to rack up as much damage as possible? Portal into backline to poke and bait out abilities? Stay behind to provide shields and reliable escape portals without endangering himself?

Also while im here i wanna know what people think of my mandatory medivh build. I feel like i pick these talents every game :

lv 1: portal mastery

(need i say more?)

lv 4: raven familiar

(handy for poking, chasing and tower diving)/reveal ( pick if there's a stealth hero or aba)

lv7: Arcane explosion

(a very useful talent that provides some burst, can be very handy in 1v1 skirmishes when they are too stupid to move away from me and especially handy when tower diving)

lv 10: Of course either ult is viable

lv13: Enduring will ( it gives medivh sooo much more shields its actually ridiculous not to pick this, unless the other team has ultra wombo combo potential to destroy your entire team within 1 second, then i guess pick circle of protection)

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lv16: Temporal flux ( can fire off multiple leylines/ poly diving heroes multiple times within 1 teamfight, never found any use for stable portal since for my poking/saving purposes the normal duration is good enough, arcane charge is a very small damage increase that i only take for fun)

lv 20: Medivh cheats/guardian of tirisfal/ arcane brilliance (medivh cheats for boss steals, easily stopping entire teams, cocooning multiple people to win teamfights, very versatile. Guardian of tirisfal if they are strong in pushing lanes and we lack waveclear, stopping aba pushes and catas. Arcane brilliance if i took poly and we have a lot of mages)

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