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When is The Butcher Going to Receive Balance Changes?

Content of the article: "When is The Butcher Going to Receive Balance Changes?"

Rework this hero for Gods sake. No hero should be so dependent on AA only to get neutered by 75% of the roster and only be successful if you are much better than the enemy. Feast or Famine is bad design. Late game hyper carry is bad design and shouldn’t exist in HotS. In fact, Butcher is more of a real hero when he gets around 300 meat, not even when he finishes his quest.

Further more, you nerfed/removed whatever small amount of point and click CC there was in the game….. only to overload the game with insane amounts of slows, roots, pushes, stops, displacements, knockbacks, blinds…. all of which affect Butcher many times more than stuns.

Butcher is also very buggy with his AAs. He will frequently miss AAs or not AA at all. So compound these bugs with the insane amount of CC in this game and what happens? A useless hero only played by dedicated Butcher players.

And what is up with current hero design? Why are you overloading so many kits with CC? Don’t you realize how unfun it is to not be able to move your hero? Biggest example of this peeve is giving someone like Tassadar a 30% slow on his basic ability at level 4. So early too. What does he lose for picking this talent? A shitty self heal and some movement speed (yeah he really needs to be going 30% faster when he’s firing spells from off screen). What does he gain? The ability to completely screw over dive heroes who were designed to counter him.

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Cmon devs, this isn’t remotely tolerable anymore and it’s really frustrating playing this game these games. Butcher has gone without changes for so long and is very clunky to play compared with the rest of the roster. He needs his baseline quest removed or at the very least some QoL changes to make him a smoother and more responsive hero. Like why does he have to be directly on top of meat to get it? Meanwhile, ranged heroes like Zul’Jin get stacks even when they die. Why was <> nerfed to 3 attacks and moved to 13 when it was perfectly fine on level 7 and as 1 attack? Why does <> only give him sustain when he reaches his target and not during it? So many wtf moments with this hero. Only reason I still play him is because he was the first hero I ever bought and I still remember how cool his cinematic was + his on release “roam the shadows and gank someone” gameplay. He can’t do that now. Before, Butcher was only ever seen when someone was about to die. Now, the enemy can keep tabs on him al game because his quests restricts what he can do in the game.

I demand changes!!!

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