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When will we get a new patch? Recap about recent leaks, with arguments and counter-arguments!

Hello, everyone!

Recap of the last few days:

  1. Based on when the current Season was supposed to end, we can guess that Blizzard planned to release a PTR on 29 March and new content on 6 April.
  2. Twinkle saw PTR being updated on 29 March and took a screenshot of the new loading screen.
  3. A few minutes after that, according to Twinkle, PTR has been rolled back and we couldn't datamine anything in time.
  4. A person noticed how the background in that screenshot looks like Blackthorne's theme.
  5. A person noticed how there is no registered trademark symbol in the leaked loading screen.
  6. Spazzo posted a clip featuring an unknown flying object.
  7. A person noticed how the object in that clip is similar to Blackthorne's weapon.
  8. A developer wrote a neutral comment about that clip.
  9. A day after, a person mentioned that PTR has been updated and reverted for them as well.
  10. Blizzard extended the current Season by 1 month and 1-2 weeks.
  11. We can guess that PTR has been postponed to 3-10 May and new content to 11-18 May.
  12. The community is wondering if we'll get a Balance Update in the meanwhile, on 7-14 April.
  13. As of today, Blizzard didn't say antything official yet.

Arguments against those leaks:

  • Twinkle, the person who posted the new loading screen is known for a post about a fake leak last year, about 2 days before April Fools' Day.
  • As already mentioned in the recap, contrary to other loading screens, the leaked one does not have the registered trademark symbol right after the game name.
  • Spazzo, the person who posted the clip with a suspicious animation, is capable of altering the game to add custom effects. A person noticed how the Replay of the game in that clip cannot be found on Heroes Profile.
  • It's suspicious that BlizzTrack didn't detect the PTR update because we know that PTR has been up for at least 2 minutes, enough for that site to detect a change.
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Arguments in favor of those leaks:

  • According to Twinkle, they have been deceived and therefore it was not intentional. They just analyzed someone else's post, that unfortunately was fake.
  • While it's suspicious to see a mistake, the fact that there is no trademark logo doesn't automatically makes it fake because it's possible that Blizzard simply forgot to add it.
  • The fact that a Replay isn't on Heroes Profile doesn't necessarily mean that its corresponding game never happened as their database only features Replays updated by at least one player who participated in a given game.
  • It's possible that BlizzTrack missed the PTR update because it has been reverted too quickly.

I tried to be as neutral as possible while writing this post. Arguments and counter-arguments look balanced to me, so I personally find it hard to choose a side without risking to be wrong.

Draw your own conclusions and have a nice day!

Check my new follow-up post! Link: BlizzTrack checks for updates every 5 seconds, so PTR didn't get any update. Mistery solved?


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