Heroes of the Storm

When you change or add a feature to a game, there should always be a reason, a goal in mind. What is the goal behind the weather effects?

I mean this as a constructive criticism. What is the POINT of the weather anomaly? Just to add unpredictable RNG mechanics to the game? What's the ultimate design philosophy for how this makes a game better and more solid in the long term?


  • The rainstorm causes unintentional aggro of camps (after just a few games had already happened to me twice and I saw it happening to other people a lot), grants waveclear and AoE damage to heroes than normally might not have any (for what used to be called "balance" reasons)

  • The lightning shields allow any hero just running away to do high return damage to any melee hero trying to do damage to them, disadvantaging melee heroes in precisely the kind of situation where they should excel

  • The snow flurry shields will severely disadvantage any hero that relies on spread damage like Lunara and Malthael, any comp relying on poke, and grants self-sustain to heroes that normally might not have any (again, formerly for balance reasons)

  • The fog grants stealth to potentially any hero or even an entire team when before that mechanic was limited to a very small number of heroes and abilities for, again, presumably for REASONS.

  • On screen clutter and confusion

  • Massive performance issues


  • HAHA, weather effects go BRRRRRR!!

  • ??????

EDIT: I just don't get how turning the game into Cat Mario makes it any better, and I don't understand why all this time and effort was put into implementing something of such questionable value when it could have been funneled into say, making a new map, or more events, or another hero? Maybe if you want this kind of mechanic, design ONE new map where this mechanic happens, like an OW themed map? That way people will know that the weather effects are unique to that one map, I personally would be more likely to tolerate it in that case, but having something unpredictable and RNG-ish affected the entire game, upending established balancing principles that have existed for years? No thanks.

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