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Which healer counter which damage type (Sustain – Burst) Version 1.1

Good day people of the Nexus,

first of all, I'm continuing my little project in a new post. I hope I don't piss anyone off, especially the people who gave me tips.

After I shared my opinion with you yesterday (https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/oop39s/which_healer_counters_which_damage_type_my/) about which healer is best against which damage type, here comes the second attempt after my evaluation.

Thank you for your participation in my little experiment.

This table is all about Sustain and Burst Damage. Physical or Spell Damage was not considered.

I now copy-pasta the following important note from my previous post to the following table:

Note: I do not tryhard this list and I don't even have the rudimentary experience to be able to draw up a general list. Most of the knowledge I have gained from my own experience, Icy veins, google and, that's new, some Community members. This list is not meant for competitive gaming.

HealerHigh HealingGood HealingDecent Healing
Lt. MoralesSustainBurst
WhitemaneSustain / Burst

As you may have noticed, the table now consists of 3 healing ratings, as originally planned: High, Good and Decent. I decided to do this in the second approach, because it makes it easier to present the rather complex topic.

Now I will explain to you why I have changed some things compared to my last post (link see above):

With him, it's really hard to cram him into one category. On the one hand, his Healing Potions are a kind of burst healing, similar to Anduin's Flash Heal. On the other hand, they are harder to hit. Then of course Deckard has Ruby, which is also Burst Healing and is selected in over half of all matches. He still doesn't really have good sustain healing like Malfurion. I have a hard time categorising him, especially since Icy Veins writes on his page that he is "ineffective against Burst Damage"… I set it to "equal".

Relatively clear actually, yet someone wrote that Uther is one of the best sustain healers in the game with the right talents AND the ability to deliver AA regularly…. I don't really know if I can agree with that…. Sure, Uther is very strong in said area with said talents, but a lot of things have to come in for that to happen. Sure, I have taken into account special builds and talents (see Ana's Level 16 Burst Heal), but only to a certain extent, because it's more niche than that. I still maintain that Uther is the classic anti-burst healer. I just have to stay relatively black and white with a sterile table 😀

I agree with you there. That's where my assessment was wrong. Burst put on top.

With the new patch, Tyrande has a very interesting build possibility with Elune's Chosen + Darnassian Archery + Iceblade Arrows. However, I would like to wait and see how this settles and whether it will probably be changed or nerfed again. Otherwise, according to the new scale, I would actually sort Tyrande more into Burst? Although she has good sustain too huh…. Let's leave it that way for now.

Lt. Morales
It's hard to classify for me too.On the one hand she has pretty good Sustain Healing, on the other hand the Healingnumbers per second are so high that it could be Burst depending on the selected talents + Safeguard. Still, I would stick with Morales primarily offering the safer and better Sustain Healing.

AnaBurst Healing on Ana comes very late and is tied to a talent. I still included it in the new table under "Decent" because according to hotslogs it is by far the most chosen talent on the level with over 60%.

I agree with you about Rehgar (and after playing him again yesterday). Actually I was planning to put him on "Good" with Sustain Healing, but after seeing on hotslogs that Tidal Waves at level 13 is only taken in 25% of the cases, I decided for "Decent".

I don't accept an Ult that gives shields as a counter against Burst Damage.Tactically, this is not wrong, but it is also not a cure but more a temporary protection, which I do not take into account in the table. In my opinion, the table doesn't offer that many subtleties. It's too black and white for that 😀

Is really a special case. At the beginning more in the direction of sustain, she can really go berserk in the lategame on level 16 Reservoir of Hope. It's also by far the most used talent at level 16. I'll definitely include it.

I've changed my mind on that, too.Burst is still clearly in first place for me, but with the Divine Star build, which is currently also the most frequently chosen, he can distribute a lot of Sustain Healing.

Has a strong Burst Healing Ult with Life-Binder, which is taken almost 50/50.Under the right circumstances, in Dragon form or with Abundance talents, her Burst Healing is not to be underestimated.

Am still of the opinion that a significant portion of his Healing Numbers come from passive healing, even if there are strong tendencies towards Burst Healing. That's why the "equal" rating fits in my opinion.

I hope that someone finds this post that helped me yesterday 🙂

In addition, I plan to publish another post today where I make a similar table (in a simplified form) for all heroes and whether they deal burst, poke or sustain damage. I'm also expecting a lot of headwind, which I'm happy to accept 🙂

I am very curious to hear your opinion.

We see us in the nexus.


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