Heroes of the Storm

Who is this game for?

Content of the article: "Who is this game for?"

I have a game where the Tracer is disconnecting frequently and the D Va is idling in base for three minutes before they DC all the while Li Ming is throwing out-of-retaliation-range sorcerer balls at our mid turrets that we can't do ANYTHING about due to gazlowe turrets in a non-healer game. Sure if we had all players in game we could respond to this. We didn't. It was "this player hasn't moved their mouse and the other player hasn't even reconnected" level obvious we didn't.

Who is this game for?

When there was a full dev team, the argument for keeping these obviously bad games going was that it'd "ruin the spirit of the game" if we had forfeits, if we understood that this game can be decided in the first three minutes of complete 4v5 inactivity or some shitty auto attack bot running around, then that's a huge no-no and we absolutely can't understand that this is a real game with real people with real flaws and that this will happen. 10 – 20 minutes will be wasted. One side can't come back unless a miracle happens once mid is pushed all the way in. This is a complete 100% reality. This is the game you made.

Who is this game for?

Is it for the other team to have an easy 10 – 20 minutes? Is this for them to feel "empowered" by stomping a team that can't fight back? Is this for them? Is that the target audience? How can I get in on that, is there a secret premium pass that unlocks that? Cause I'm sick of being the one getting stomped for shit I have no say in.

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Like, if that's the design of the game, if that's the intention as literally all the data to this point (devs still not implemeting a forfeit under those conditions for five years, ignoring this every time it comes up) has shown, then just be honest and tell us. Cause I will immediately quit. I don't want to engage with that sort of content. I don't think any reasonable player does.

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