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Why you should choose Li Li over Mal’Ganis during the upcoming Nexomania II event.

If history is to repeat itself, you will be granted the option to choose either La Gata de Batalla Li Li or Mal'gaucho Mal'Ganis as your wrestling partner during the upcoming Nexomania II event. As Blizzard has decided to remove the option to pick Lunara in order to give the other more inferior combatants a chance, I have been forced to figure out which of these two heroes are the next best choice. In doing so, I have come up with a perfectly unbiased analysis of each hero in order to help you decide which fighter is worthy of your support.

  1. Li Li is a bubbly and compassionate pandaren, helping her friends survive by healing them on the battlefield. The only person Mal'Ganis cares about healing is himself, preferably by hijacking the health bars of other players. What a jerk!

  2. Li Li plays a pivotal role in a quest line in the current expansion of World of Warcraft, an expansion that originally had nothing to do with pandas or Mistweaver monks. Meanwhile, the previous WoW expansion was literally all about the Burning Legion, and all Mal'Ganis got was a tiny little cameo at the very beginning and nothing else. It's obvious the WoW dev team likes Li Li way more than Mal'Ganis.

  3. In Warcraft 3 reforged, Blizzard goes out of their way to animate Mal'Ganis

    If two different Blizzard teams hate Mal'Ganis this much, so should you!

  4. Mal'Ganis is getting a talent rework during this event, proving that he is a flawed hero who needed to be fixed by Blizzard. Meanwhile, Li Li is getting zero changes during the Nexomania II event because Blizzard already knows she is perfect. Not even Lunara was left unchanged when she got her skin!

  5. Li Li is shown standing over the unconscious body of Lunara during the Nexomania II reveal trailer. At first I was shocked by this blatant Pandaren propaganda, as it has already been well researched and established that Lunara is the best hero in the Nexus. However, I eventually realized that this must mean that Lunara likes Li Li enough to lose on purpose and allow her to win the Nexomania II championship. If even the previous victor of Nexomania is on Li Li's side, what chance could Mal'Ganis possibly have?

  6. Li Li shoots cheese wedges at people with her new skin.

    and after many seconds of research I learned that turtles aren't allowed to eat dairy products. Call this a stretch if you want, but it's obvious Mal'Ganis is just going to get sick if he gets anywhere near Li Li, meaning his defeat is all but assured.

  7. The new hero Mei is coming out at the same time as the Nexomania II event, and one of her skins is, you guessed it, a panda costume. The Li Li favoritism is so palpable you could cut it with a knife.

  8. I'm going to be honest, I don't actually know who would win a straight 1v1 in-game since I don't really play either of these heroes. But if my experience trying to hit Li Li as Lunara is anything to go off of, Li Li is too much of an unkillable demon child to ever come close to dying to Mal'Ganis. There's a chance Mal'Ganis pulls off a fat Dark Conversion to one shot Li Li, but as long as the Li Li player has her Q button taped down, I think she'll be fine.

As you can see, La Gata de Batalla Li Li is clearly the superior choice to be your partner during the upcoming Nexomania II event. She is smarter, faster, fluffier, and more tilting to fight than Mal'gaucho Mal'Ganis can ever dream to be. I hope that you have no doubt on who you will be choosing during tomorrow's event. Join #TEAMLILI today!

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