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Would it be better if we could see what players voted for us on the MVP Screen?

The MVP screen has always felt somewhat shoehorned in since its release, and over time people have used it less and less. This is one reason why people posting pictures of getting 7/8 votes is so amazing, because that many people voted. The reason most people say they don't vote is that it doesn't matter. I think one of the biggest factors of why it doesn't matter is that when you vote someone up, they don't know who voted them up. As such, in a system that's who reward is just good vibes, voting becomes quite meaningless when your vote is decoupled from any context of the person giving it.

A simple way to solve this is to show us what players voted for us at the end of the game. If your allied Muridan player votes for you, you just have a blue icon of Muridan (similar to chat) appear next to your votes. If an enemy player votes for you, their hero icon appears with a corresponding red hero icon. This would help add way more meaning to the voting system. Playing healer and save that assassin a lot all game and they vote you up? It'd feel good, the same way people say, "Nice heals," or other compliments at the end of the game. This also adds a lot more weight to votes when an enemy team member gives you a vote. More often than not, people just vote for their team, naturally, over the enemy team. While nothing is wrong with this, it means that when you get a vote, you probably just assume it's from your teammates and not the enemy team. Seeing the enemy player you brawled with all game vote you up would mean way more than the simple +1 it currently is. This would also greatly improve inter-team communications because outside of whispering someone on the enemy team after a game (assuming they even have whisper on), there is literally no way to tell someone on the enemy team they did well.

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Overall, this won't suddenly make the MVP Screen into something everyone uses or the peak of MVP Screens, but it certainly will inject some life into it, make it more enjoyable for those who use it, and help promote a better feeling of sportsmanship if nothing else. This idea of the MVP Screen doesn't involve you seeing other people's votes, though I'm pretty indifferent to that being or not being a feature. A possible concern is that maybe some people want their vote to be anonymous. I can't imagine a large number of people would really care that much, but there could easily be an option (maybe on the MVP screen itself) for you to check and it just makes your vote into a purple anonymous vote, so you can still vote but no one knows it was you. While I'm sure most people don't care either way, for the people who do use the MVP screen, is this something you would want or wouldn't want?

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