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WTH happened? (Re)Teach me?

Content of the article: "WTH happened? (Re)Teach me?"

I took a break from heroes for about the last 3 months and recently came back and good lord…. What happened? Every single character has been changed, altered, and/or nothing like they were. The gameplay has gone from you might have a chance to comeback to "lol! it's snowballfest 2020 bois!". I have yet to play a game with a healer (20+ matches).

What did I miss? Literally every character I liked got the Valla treatment. (Read: Let's completely redesign the character because we have nothing better to do or "muh meta!".) Honestly, I could eventually deal with the character changes but the snowball shitshow is just next level amazing. One of the things I loved about heroes was you always had a chance to come back. Now? Do not lose a single lane. If you do then the snowball will happen so fast you sit there staring at the screen wondering what in the actual fuck?.

I get that blizzard doesn't care about this game at all anymore but JFC. Taking a short hiatus should not mean I have to relearn EVERY SINGLE character, relearn game mechanics, and tell myself it's fine there isn't a healer (again)….

So you know… Do your thing.. Downvote/Upvote but seriously what did I miss? Anyone got a link on why the changes?

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So far I have noticed:
Gul'dan can do about 3 spells before he is out of mana.
Tracer… What did they do to you?
Raynor: Nerfed straight into the ground.
Lili: I wonder when she actually heals.
Blaze: Oh cool I am DPS again.

These are just the ones so far I have tried and am honestly afraid to see what they did to the other characters. Also why are stuns now literally a guaranteed kill? Any character that can full stun will win the matchup every single time. Whether I am playing them or the other team is… In a game where seconds matter why does a stun last long enough to wander off and make a cup of tea? (I exaggerate but only slightly.)


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