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Yes, Qhira is still stupid

Content of the article: "Yes, Qhira is still stupid"

Yeah I know "oh look, another qhira is Op post lol n00b git gud" I just really wanted to complain online (one of the main uses of reddit) . . . I've been playing this game for a few years now. There are many heroes that annoy me, mostly the ones that aren't "wow super Op Uber tier" but rather are mostly situational, and whose existance serves only to make your life miserable and remove the fun from your match, (a.k.a. valeera, tracer, garrosh with wrecking ball and so on)… . . . Now being completely honest, every single hero on release was broken (Vietnam flashbacks from Li Ming when her orb pulled enemies and Maiev for existing), but what happens is that they get nerfed, sometimes they get buffed again eventually, but they get nerfed… . . . Now this is the part where people starts telling me how I suck @ss at the game… Since her release, I NEVER felt Qhira got any less stupid, the first match I ever played with her i felt she was too strong, top everything without having to use half of my two braincells, and she still feels Just as stupid… . . . Her kit has basically everything, her bleed is way too over the top, her damage overall is insanely stupid, for some reason they thought she wasn't stupid enough and gave her an escape/chase (D skill) on top of her absurd healing, that without mentioning her 40 second CD execute ult and her melee basic attacks that reach as far as Zarya's laser… . . . Everyone probably heard or complained about exactly the things I've said, but the problem is that unlike Tracer, Li Ming, Maiev, Thrall, Butcher, and so on, i never felt a considerable drop on her performance, and honestly she has no real counter, except the ones that apply to literaly any character in the game… . . . Sorry man but i can't consider "stun-locking her to death" a real counter when It is basically what you do to ANY character One of the main things i hear is "you can cleanse her E" but If you use half your brain with her you can press E again to stun and avoid the cleanse… . . . Yeah… I just don't think a hero should have nearly everything on her kit, now you can say how much I suck

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