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A Few Random Suggestions

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Just a few things I thought could be changed / added in Hitman 3 or some future version of the WoA Trilogy:

  • To make fiber wires more unique and useful, they could be chosen instead of a pistol, taking up that dedicated slot in the loadout screen.
  • At a few places in the game, guards will deny you entry based on your disguise despite the fact that the same disguise is legal in the area they're guarding. One example is the Castle Staff disguise in Sgail – the Raider guard between the necklace area and the helipad will deny you, but if you sneak in, no one will find you suspicious.
  • In Miami, you cannot dump guard bodies through the window in the top-floor security room in the Kronstadt Expo Building, despite the fact that 47 can move freely through it. There are a handful of other windows like this, most notably every open window in Whittleton Creek except the one in Janus' bathroom.
  • Maya Parvati's voice lines could be re-recorded using one of the female Indian NPC voices to make things mesh better, compliment the lore, and to make her stand out more. As it stands now, I'm afraid she sounds more like an angry grade-school teacher than a badass Sri Lankan drill instructor.
  • The "Andrea Martinez" NPC in Paris still looks like a generic NPC even though there's obviously a model for Martinez in the game. A minor clothing edit and it would be perfect.
  • Despite Propane Flask explosions counting as accidental kills, Fire Extinguisher explosions do not count as "accidental pacifications," such as with the Rake or Banana items.
  • The item variety in Hitman 2's stages is considerably more than in Hitman 1's stages. Of course, this is because more items are added to the games over time. While this can actually be good in a way, as new players who start in Paris are less likely to feel overwhelmed, it means that the potential number of in-level weapons is far greater the later in the campaign one goes, making the earlier stages feel more sparse.
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