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A few things Hitman 3 could do in regard to past titles that I wouldn’t mind

Content of the article: "A few things Hitman 3 could do in regard to past titles that I wouldn’t mind"

I’m not asking for all of this to be thrown in, I just think these things would be cool.

-At least one level that’s all gritty and dark like Hitman: Contracts. I mean an utter madhouse like Meat King’s Party. (Also, yay; there’s a level that’s a clear homage to Beldingford!)

-I see the deluxe edition has suits originating from Las Vegas, England, and Hong Kong. Given how Hitman 3 is going to be in England, and a scene that’s implied to be Hong Kong, I can only assume they’re going to Vegas again? Would be cool.

-WHY HAVEN’T THE NEW GAMES MENTIONED THE FRANCHISE EVEN ONCE??? They literally caused the Agency to close down. They nearly caused Agent 47 to be known to the general public. They had their own shabby cloning system. They almost killed 47. That’s a must-do rather than suggestion. mention the Franchise at least once in dialogue.

-Confirm that Arthur Edwards and the Mystery Man from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin are actually the same person.

-Have a mission set in the EXACT same location as a previous mission. Only with different objectives. A few renovations, and new areas added on would do.

-A plot twist where a target from a previous game turned out to actually survive their assassination, and 47 has to take them out once and for all. I’m talking years ago. 2000-2005.

-Bring back Dual Silverballers

-Have the five fathers’ clothing be unlockable suits. Ort-Meyer, Deruzka, Ochoa, Fuchs, and Hong. It would be five suits but come on, that would be cool. 47 dressed in Fuchs’ red underwear would be pretty funny

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-Apart from the gold CIA agent’s suit, Beldingford hunting party uniform, and Red Dragon Triad mobster in the Deluxe edition, I’d like to see some more classic disguises in the game.

-Have a few Sieger 300 skins that look like various WA2000 types from classic games. For example, the Custom Rifle from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, or the fully-upgraded WA2000 from Hitman: Blood Money.

-Add Kane’s suit. IOI added Lynch’s clothes, why not Kane’s?

-Maybe have an intense final mission. I mean something like Hunter and Hunted from Contracts.

-Have 47 meet Father Vittorio again (although I know he’d be quite old)

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