A List of Odd Changes that Unnecessarily Simplified Gameplay in the WOA Trilogy

Ever since HITMAN 2, IO has slowly taken control away from players in terms of QOL features. These changes have unnecessarily simplified the game. The WOA trilogy is all about replayability and experimenting in missions (whether that be silent assassin methods or carnage methods). Simplifying a sandbox game that's all about replayability is a very bad move. Here are the changes that have unnecessarily simplified the game:

You can't get frisked with illegal items in your inventory or in your briefcase

This change was introduced in an earlier game update back in H2. Before this change, if you went up to a frisk zone with an illegal item, there would be a red "illegal action" indicator around the prompt to get frisked, similar to how other illegal actions were indicated with the red indicator, like picking locks, and sabotaging power strips with the wrong disguise. Similar to picking a lock, getting frisked with an illegal item was still allowed to be done; you would just lose your SA rating and the guards frisking you would be put in an "arresting" state. Obviously, if you wanted to play the game stealthily, you would never do this, but there are a lot of things in the game that you wouldn't do if you wanted to be stealthy. After the update in H2, you are now no longer allowed to get frisked with an illegal item. The prompt still has that red indicator, but you straight up cannot press the button to get frisked anymore! I'm allowed to throw a C4 block into a crowd but I cannot get frisked with an illegal item?! Apparently that bit of thinking before getting a frisk was too complex for IO!

You Cannot Camera Shoulder Swap (unless you are aiming down sights)

Camera shoulder swapping allowed you to throw items at different angles, place items at different angles, and see past walls without having to be locked to a wall. Some players even played the game by default with the other camera angle. While you CAN still swap shoulders while aiming down sights, it was always better to swap shoulders BEFORE aiming down sights, so you could aim quicker and if you needed to take a different shot, you wouldn't have to swap again while aiming. Camera shoulder swapping has much more use than just shooting guns, and yet, IO intentionally removed this feature. Might I remind everyone that this change was so bad that players originally thought it was a bug until IO officially stated that it was intentional (for some reason). It's been over 6 months after H3's launch and all IO says is that they are "discussing" bringing it back. Another feature that simplified the game.

You can no longer manually save loadouts

Back in H1 and H2, in the mission loadout screen, there was a button to save your loadout for that specific location. For example, if I wanted to have my default loadout for Miami be: Signature suit with gloves, Silverballer, Classic Coin, Classic Lockpick, Starting at the Dolphin Fountains, and with a rubber duck smuggled in the expo center, I could save this specific loadout with the press of a button and every time I went to the mission loadout for Miami, I'd have this loadout there, ready. I could still make changes to my loadout, and it would not mess with the saved loadout unless I hit the save loadout button again.

In H3, however, the save loadout feature was removed and now whatever loadout you last took in the mission would be saved to the next time you went to the loadout screen for that particular mission. Unfortunately, any (disguised) starting and/or smuggle point you chose last would NOT carry over. I'm not too sure if this is a bug or intentional. I really hate this change. Just because I took a different item in my last playthrough doesn't mean that I want it saved! Why loadout saving was removed is beyond me and it is a change that takes more control away from the player. Another interesting note, is that IO has never acknowledged this change.

Anytime you do an agility action, 47 will automatically crouch afterwards instead of keeping the stance he had before he did the actio

Back in H1 and H2, if 47 climbed over something (like a box or shorter wall) while standing, he would be standing after he climbed over. If he climbed over something while crouching, then he would be crouching after he climbed over. It was a pretty simple system: 47 would keep the same stance he had before he climbed over anything. It was your choice which stance he would have after climbing over something.

In H3, however, 47 ALWAYS crouched after climbing, no matter what stance he had before. This change is problematic during speedruns and also is a little annoying overall, even if you are not speedrunning. Another change that unnecessarily simplified gameplay and was never acknowledged by IO.

Human shields

First off, I know that human shields were never in the WOA trilogy to begin with, but it WAS in the HITMAN 2016 alpha build and in previous Hitman entries. The only reasoning behind not including human shields in the final game was that it "encouraged" carnage/mass murder gameplay. I know the ultimate rating in Hitman is silent assassin and that you should complete contracts with as little collateral damage as possible, but this is a sandbox game! Sometimes you want to play stealthily and get the max rating, sometimes you want to just have some fun carnage while completing a mission.

The option to take human shields encourages carnage gameplay, but the plethora of assault rifles, shotguns, smgs, swords, and explosives doesn't?! If anything, I personally think that human shields actually DEESCALATE combat situations. You could go in guns blazing with guards/soldiers, but in Blood Money and Absolution, if you took a human shield in the middle of a gunfight, the other guards would actually stop shooting and even have some special dialogue. When you took a human shield, you could slowly move out while the guards didn't just gun you down. I actually played the H1 and H2 before I played Blood Money and Absolution, so when I learned about the human shield mechanic in BM and Absolution, I was pleasantly surprised. I feel like not including human shields in the final game has the same bad logic behind not letting people get frisked with illegal items.

Again, I know this feature was technically never in the trilogy to begin with, but it WAS a feature in previous entries and, in my opinion, could've been a cool feature to keep throughout the WOA trilogy.


HITMAN 3 should be the best and most definitive game of the WOA trilogy. It is supposed to be the ultimate hub for the trilogy, and yet, it is probably the most buggy, inconsistent, and unnecessarily simplified game in the trilogy. H3 should have the most player control and QOL features in it, not the least. I really hope IO reverts these changes eventually; no one asked for these changes and there are other things that should've been changed/removed, like the always online requirement and the time limit on ETs.

What do you guys think of these odd changes?


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