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A suggestion for an easier SASO Master in Isle of Sgail from my experience

Content of the article: "A suggestion for an easier SASO Master in Isle of Sgail from my experience"

Not sure if this can help someone, I know the game is pretty old but maybe with the PSNow many, like me, is playing it.

I was struggling with SASO in isle of sgail, master difficulty. I found a youtube guide, but I found an easier, shorter way to improve the guide, so here we go. Of course the credits for the rest of thewalktrough go to the youtuber.

Take this video:


-when killing Sophia ( around 2.50): I found out that the method used there was pretty unrelaible. In fact, if I use 2 coins like in the video, when I subdue Sophia the bartender comes over, no matter how silent I'm. Thus you can do this (repeated many times, it work 90% of the time, you should be a bit precise but nothing impossible). Put one coin in front of the door in the room where sophia comes from, and one coin in fron of the same door but in the corridor you came from (the same in the video where you will hide her). Hide in the corridor. When she collect the first coin, open the door (as I said you don't need t be very precise with th timing, bt sometimes it needs to open the door 2 times). She will lure her iside the corridor, the door will close and you can subdue her, kill her and hide her. The rest is just the same as the video.

-When escaping: this part I found a bit nosense in the video. After you kill Zoe, like in the video, you ave a much faster ad reliable way out. While standing hided i the grass from where you kill here, just move towards the little hill where there is the coffin. You can climb and go around, don't worry because there is grass there too. You can see a wooden stairs, go down and you will find a wall metal ladder to go down again. Under there you can see the way out, there are 3 soldiers but they are busy and it's very easy to go unoticed, just hide behind the crates and wait until the soldier in front of the exit is not looking towards it (he will eventually turn to use the computer) and here we go.

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Hope it helps

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