A testament to Hitman 2 that replaying Paris is less impressive to me now…

Content of the article: "A testament to Hitman 2 that replaying Paris is less impressive to me now…"

I recently watched noclip's documentary series on Hitman, so I have nothing but immense respect for the devs of this game. They are wizards and insane, and I love them. The designers of Paris accomplished a complex level for players that provided something so refreshing in an industry beset with levels that funnel players so often.

I recently wrapped up Hitman's 2 story missions and lots of challenges, so wanted to loop around and replay Hitman 1 via the legacy DLC.

After wrapping up Paris's story missions and all assassination challenges, I have to say…it was less fun than when I first played it on release.

The map is bold and impressive, thematically great, gorgeous to look at, but I found myself getting dissatisfied often, which surprised me.

As I'd already played it years ago, I decided to replay with mission guide completely off. But something didn't feel right. I replayed two story missions with it on 'full' and suddenly key cut-scenes played!

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With the guide off I didn't get the scene of 47 hilariously walking the runway, I had to do it manually. I also didn't get the scene of Victor talking to 47 at the bar when you mix his special drink.

In the 'off' playthrough I still got all the associated feats as usual, but the story missions remained unticked. So I had to redo them on 'full' and 'minimal' just to get that tick mark.

I found myself a little irked later, when going for the light sabotage kill. According to the mission guide you have to sabotage the light rig directly with a wrench to kill Victor below. But the light rig itself obscures the kill from the player! The only way to see him die is via instinct mode. Pretty anticlimactic, as witnessing the kill is part of the charm of the game. (can anyone confirm if you can just shoot the rig down via the attic?)

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So yeah, just a bunch of small things kept interfering with my playthrough of this level, cooling my opinion of it. The bodyguard disguise is also pretty OP, allowing you to go anywhere with ease.

Lastly….wow, I forgot how hilariously bad the dialogue/acting for the minor characters is. Walking around Paris in a waiter outfit and getting patronising comments made me want to kill everyone in sight lol.

Sapienza next. Real interested to see if this holds up…

What's your opinion on Paris, everyone? Have you cooled on it after Hitman 2? Does it still hold up for you? Do you appreciate the H2 changes to H1 maps?

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