Anybody left here who actually liked the episodic nature of 2016 and would like to see it again?

Lots of people seem to not like it these days, but when Hitman 2 came out, it was done in one go and partially forgotten about by the general audience who once completed it as fast as possible & didn’t care about ET’s and elusives & anything else, it fell off their radar, then got very impatient waiting on the dlc.

When 2016 was episodic, not only did it give you time to breathe it kept you coming back to it over & over and allowed for continuous feedback to IOI so they could fix & see what was liked or disliked by the community which I am sure made the next map easier to work on probably, but when you get a whole game package that can have bugs & glitches & breaks all in one go, must be a lot of work for a team who were reduced in size by the way at the time and the reduced team were then forced to fix more than one map at the same time, whilst trying to make sure one thing didn’t break another and it did, quite often.

It ended up on a few less Game of the Year number 1 spots also, probably because they had forgotten about it or didn’t feel as connected to the game, unlike 2016.

Anyway whichever way it comes out I am looking forward to be buying it day one.


If they gave both options, which is probably crazy, I would buy it episodically especially of they gave extra little incentives, like you can either get the base game day one all 6 maps for like £50 or you buy episodic for whatever the cost is say £11 per episode pack or whatever but it comes with extra little perks like costumes or weapons or extra stuff because you’re willing to wait and maybe you end up paying in like instalments as you end up getting a gold edition though by the end, so two bonus maps as well, so 8 packs in total need to be released for gold.

Sure you’d get spoiled if you’re bothered by spoilers but if you live in the UK & some places in europe & the rest of the world, much like TV series, we have to wait somewhere between a few weeks to even 6 months or more for 8t to release by which time the whole world, knows the Major spoilers anyway, I am pointing to things like Mandalorian which released in nov in the usa & a lot of the rest or us had to wait till march by which time the cat was out of the bag anyway of the major spoiler from the 1st episode. So too was the Titans show, it took 6 months to get to the UK, by which time I (ad seen many spoilers which was very unavoidable anyway, unless you stay well away, I feel like Hitman though is a little smaller in fanbase so would probably be easier to avoid spoilers for.

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