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So I came up with some contract ideas and I had no idea where to post them so I figured I'd post the briefings here. If there's enough interest, I may post the other 2.

Contract 1: "Good morning 47. Your destination is Athens Greece. Our client is the wife of famous deceased athlete Joshua Williams. Joshua Williams made the headlines last year when he died of a overdose of performance enhancing drugs. Due to this fact he has had a lot of his awards taken from him posthumously. There was also a clause in his contract that stated that if he was caught taking performance enhancing drugs, he would be forced to pay damages to the Olympic commission and the United States government. This has left his surviving wife and kids deep in debt. Our client claims that due to her husband's devout religious beliefs, there is no way he would take the drugs willingly. That leaves his coach, Sebastian Crosse, as the only possible culprit. Our client wants proof of his guilt recovered as well as Sebastian taken out. Time to put Sebastian into early retirement 47. I will now leave you to prepare."

Contract 2: Welcome to Los Angeles, 47. Your destination is the largest indoor arcade in the world, Damien's Palace. It stands at 6 stories high, and is on the verge of bankruptcy. The disappearances of over half a million teens and young children have caused the company stock prices to hit an all-time low. Our client, Damien Pitchford, wants to shadowy cloud surrounding his business dispelled for good. Your first Target, is the unknown Mastermind behind the kidnappings known simply as "The Engineer". Little is known about him other than the fact that he has ties to organized crime and suffers from epilepsy. your second target is the prosecutor working on the investigation, Julius Stokes. Our client believes that Prosecutor Stokes is on the payroll of "The Engineer" due to the fact that the investigation has made no progress in 2 years, and the private investigator sent by Damian was killed under mysterious circumstances. The contract calls for the elimination of both men as well as the recovery of evidence of everyone involved in the trafficking. The safety of thousands of children as well as the jobs of thousands of employees rests solely on your shoulders. Good luck.

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