Hitman 3 Ideas


This challenge has been present since Absolution. Players would have to find an wear all disguises available in the level.

Upon completing this challenge, players will be able to use those disguises under a separate category when selecting "Suit"


-Suit Only will be disabled

-No special characters (Helmut, P Powers, etc)

-Only accustomed to the location and can't be used universally

-Only in starting locations where 47 is entering as himself

*New gadgets

-ICA Flammable Phone (In-Phoneno) =inferno

-ICA emetic phone (sprays a mist on the NPC/Target's face upon pressing "answer"

-Sieker 2 – 1 ammo of lethal poison dart

-Weapon skins (level/challenge unlock ideas)


-Customizable skins (each player can have their own build which makes them unique)

*Object/items challenge

-Could be a challenge similar to Chameleon wherein players have to pick up every object in the map cumulatively

(In an instance where there are a maximum of 5 screwdrivers in a map, players are required to pick each one up to have the challenge completed successfully)

After every object is picked up, players will get this challenge popping up.

*Agency pickups

-By using Agency pickups, players can now smuggle in one big and one small item making it a total of two items (hidden stash stays the same)

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*Weapon upgrades

-introduced in Hitman Blood Money, this is the most interesting to all players.

Players will have different options when selecting a weapon.

They can have the silencer on a pistol for example to be subsonic or generally silenced.

The overall idea is having a trade-off/opportunity cost so players would plan strategically on what they want to do.

*47's mechanics

-upon poisoning a cup of tea, etc. If his back is turned, he would silently pour the poison into the cup with no one realizing unless if an NPC is facing that cup.

-Briefcase was one of the best equipments in Hitman 2. Briefcases now has a strap for whenever 47 scales up and down a pipe/climbs ladders etc.

-Clap! 47 can now distract NPCs in a short distance by "clapping".

*Challenge Pack – the Ninja

-the most wanted outfit in Hitman.

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