HITMAN Photoshop Contest

Welcome to the HITMAN Photoshop contest. Here is everything you need to know to enter:

You will be given a template to edit, reshape and rebuild into whatever you want it to be. Alongside the template, you will have to build another image from scratch, showing your finished product from a different perspective, this is optional, but recommended. You will then reply to this post with the images. You've entered the contest, congrats.

Now, when the contest closes, all submissions will be sent to a hand-picked team of judges that will evaluate each and every submission individually based on multiple factors, such as creativity.

After each submission has been evaluated through multiple steps, 5 submissions will remain. Those 5 submissions will then be ranked as #1, #2 and #3, with the remaining two being unranked honorable mentions. Results will be posted on the Ingvar YouTube channel and HMF.

There is no prize, this is purely just for fun.

Now, let's get started, here is your template:


Yup, that's right! You will be taking this image and editing it to create a brand new, creative and artistic suit. Remember to be **creative**, **original**, **unique** and **artistic** when you're creating your masterpiece. As for the secondary image, however you create it is up to you, just make sure it shows the same suit you just created in the other image.

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Now, onto editing.

You can use any decent image-editing software, not just Photoshop. Just make sure you are **happy** with the images before you submit them. If you don't like it, don't send it.

Try to turn in the highest quality image possible, with no cropping lines, a decent resolution etc. Also, you don't have to use this template specifically, you can take other suits as well, as long as the the image is the same height, width etc.

**Artistry:** The graphics style/design of the second image primarily, does it look good? Is the inspiration behind the image expressed well enough in the colors/style?

**Originality:** Have you seen this done before? Are you copying someone else? Is it new?

**Uniqueness:** How unique is your submission? This ties closely into originality. Is the idea too basic and typical? Is it something new, never done before?

**Creativity:** How creative is the submission? How creative is the concept? This ties in closely with uniqueness. An example of an image that is NOT creative would be; the original suit with a blue tie. Make sure your concept is creative, if it bores you, it'll bore others.

**Quality:** Is the image blurry or foggy? Does it have horrid cropping lines all over? Is the edit overall low-quality? This can make or break your submission.

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*How to send your submission:*

Reply to this post with your images, along with a name for your new suit. I recommend you also provide a brief description of the suit and the editing process/edits. Feel free to mention the inspiration for the edit as well. Done.

**Additional Info:**

I (Ingvar) am not a judge for this contest. By sending a submission, you agree to have your HMF username shared along with your submission if you manage to win. The contest closes on June 25th, this post will be updated later to include the date when the results will be posted on HMF and YouTube. Information may be subject to change, so stay tuned.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and let me know if I left any information out.

Good luck.








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