Hitman Redemption: Reborn (1/8)

I will have to tell you something about this idea first…Hitman Redemption would be a spinoff game. It would not be part of the current trilogy or the next one. It would be in fact a standalone game. The name Redemption is from this comment in the Hitman Forum Level Ideas for Future Games. The idea is mostly made by myself. Its it by the way not connected to my other mission ideas (New mission idea (i know there won't be any DLCs), Mission idea: Seconds before Midnight)

**Briefing:**Good Morning 47,An mysterious person calling himself Rima has reached out to us,We're trying to find out his identity, but we have no ICA-backing, so it will be harder than in the past. He has told us that a week ago the "Original Five" have met to discuss the future of the Ark Society and more importantly a rebirth of Providence. Former Providence members have lost all their power but they're fighting to gain it back. I knew they would do that but I thought we'd have some more time to prepare. Now we'll have to act fast. You will have to go to Greenland. There you will break into the Hyperborea project. The main project of the Ark Society was planned to be a futuristic city to protect the elite from a global catastrophe. Later Arthur Edwards wanted to use this city as the headquaters of the Destiny Group. Now there are just a few residents there. One of them is Frederick Engelhorn, the succesor of Sophia and Zoe Washington as chairman of the Ark Society. He is a german businessman who started his carrer at the Providence asset Danziger Insurance Group. He was Janus original pick as chairman of the Ark Society. But after Janus death the Partners picked the Washington twins as new chairwomen. When they died he was chosen by the constant shortly before his death. Well if you're chairman of a secret organisation you don't have to fear us he thought, so he did not retreat in the moment everybody else did. Our informant says that he has got the conference protocol because he was the host. Its locked in his vault. The safe is secured with the newest Kronstadt Keycard-Prototype. The card and the connected lock are unhackable so Olivia won't be able to help us. You will have to kill Engelhorn because he carries the cards always around his neck. His residence is the most guarded in the whole city so this mission will be hard. This could be a trap and you're going directly to the enemy so be careful. Still… if our intel turns out to be correct we'll have to watch out even more. I will leave you to prepare.

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Welcome to Greenland 47,It has been a long time since we've trained here. Well we go back where it all began. You will have to break into the residence and then take then the elevator to go to the underground. There is the official elevator and the elevator for staff. But then the hard part just begins. You will kill the heavily guarded Frederick Engelhorn and then go on to the vault. You'll have to take the elevator again to get one floor down. There you'll need a new disguise or you'll have to sneak to the vault without being seen. This means that it still won't be easy after you stole the card. You will have to sneak around the guards or find another solution.Good Luck 47


Instable Plans-An architect is coming to test the building for security issues. In this opportunity you will have to get the architect disguise. Then you'll be able to talk to Engelhorn who was responsible for the new rescue tunnel. He'll be confident about the security of the tunnel that he'll go inside of it when you simulate an earthquake (a new invention of Kronstadt which allows to simulate an earthquake in a small radius) If you manipulate the machine the tunnel will collapse. (after the collapse the tunnel is no longer accesable. But its not that important because in the tunnel there is no item but an exit.

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Useful Location-In Greenland its of course freezing. There is next to a worker a note which say he has to check the seperate temperature control system for the personal room of the target every hour. If the pressure gets to high the heating would collapse because the system which would prevent that is getting updated that day. How unfortunate. If you knock out the worked who has the job to look out for the pressure while Engelhagen is relaxing in his room he will freeze to death in a few seconds. His room is after that still accesable which implies that 47 is resistant against very low temperatures.


For the vault there is not a opportunity. The vault isn't protected by guards but the whole floor is so it would be hard to get a disguise or SSO.
The second opportunity is based on the ending of Shining (the book by Stephen King) and the film Doctor Sleep (not the book). The film has nearly the same ending as the book Shining while the movie Shining by Stanley Kubrick has an extra ending which isn't based at all on the book template.

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