How the story plays out kinda bugs me (H3 SPOILERS)

Spoilers blah blah blah do not read any further blah blah

Also major spoilers for entire series basically

tl;dr: this game is a rehash of Blood Money and Absolution

Anyways… idk… I guess they got me. I was totally expecting Diana to betray 47 since the end of Hitman 2. The H3 trailer kinda cemented it for me… then… they literally do a repeat of the last two games. Which is fine I guess, because I really didn’t want to lose either 47 or Diana, and I was honestly expecting one of them to die.

It’s still pretty weird though, the devs made such a big deal out of the story but it honestly didn’t really mess with the “Status Quo” of Hitman itself.

As someone who loves stories… the Hitman narrative and cohesion between entires kinda bothers me… especially when the last 2/3rds of H3 are story heavy and use the plot to dictate what’s going on in the gameplay.

It felt like a weird rehash/mashup of Blood Money and Absolution.

First let me say, I love every Hitman game, even Absolution… but it seems kinda weird that this time around, no one cared this time when 47 stopped being an assassin and it became a personal/rogue mission in the beginning of H2. (One of the biggest complaints about Absolution was that players didn’t feel like an assassin, because well, at the time, you technically weren’t.)

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But I guess you still “feel” like an assassin because it has the same sandbox mechanics as Hitman 2016, but still, it’s a rehash of Absolution. And for me, you really start feeling it after Dartmoor especially. Which is totally fine for me – but as I said, it was something a lot of people complained about before.

And now on to the biggest repeats:

Blood Money:

ICA gets basically destroyed by rival assassins

Diana “betrays” and “kills” 47 by poisoning him

47 kills all the bad guys because their guard was let down

Diana basically brings the ICA back


47 rejoins the ICA… for some reason

Diana leaks ICA files and gets marked for death cuz Victoria

47 “betrays” and “kills” Diana by shooting her

47 goes rogue and is marked for death by ICA cuz Victoria

47 basically takes down ICA (And that dumbfuck Benjamin Travis… and multiple ICA assassin squads) on his own

Diana basically brings the ICA back… again. And they both rejoin… again.

Hitman 2016 – Hitman 3:

Diana and 47 work for ICA (How the fuck are they not in charge of it at this point?)

47 eventually goes rogue again and gets marked for death again by ICA cuz… he went rogue again? (Or I guess we could just blame Victoria at this point)

47 leaks ICA files again which will… destroy them? (Even though Diana leaked their shit before and all it did was make them pissy enough to massacre an entire town)

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Diana “betrays” 47 by poisoning him… again

47 kills all the bad guys because their guard was let down… again

It’s just so weird of all the directions they could have taken… it was the least ballsy approach and quite literally a repeat of things that have happened already.

The end of H3 implies 47 and Diana working again like they did before. So… nothing has changed, really. Lucas Grey is dead and Olivia probably will disappear into the ether just like any other character that isn’t 47 or Diana.

I guess that I just hate that from a story perspective, it didn’t really add anything.

I mean, by the next Hitman game, will 47 and Diana bring back some reformed ICA yet again, only for them to screw them over… again!?!?

From a gameplay perspective, this trilogy has been amazing, but from a story perspective from someone who was pretty invested into the lore… it’s just really weird and somewhat unsatisfying.

They added so much story in the last couple missions, especially the beginning of the final mission, and the whole “47 killed Diana’s parents” thing doesn’t even get a proper resolution. The dream sequence and “betrayal” scene was pretty cool though.

Also, killing off Lucas Grey really sucked and made his entire character feel pointless. I would have rather him end up a target then to just simply die because they didn’t know what to do with him.

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Sorry, it’s a big long rant, but I just finished the main campaign and wanted to give my thoughts about it. It’s a great game and I still have SOOO much content to explore. I just wish the story was on the same level as the depth of the gameplay


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