I made a WHOLE new HITMAN gane with new missions, targets, maps few years ago when 2 was just realesed and wanted to share it with you!

1) Lincoln Heights, USA(Angels Driveway) – Being a child…I took extreme inspiration for Lincoln Heights, as classic suburban town in the center of the USA for Whittelton Creek, Vermont. Nice roads, trees, lawns and two streets of classic homes you'd find in the suburbs, two targets; like the Creek target, primary would be a old man named Morten Troutbeck. Senior resident, hibernating in his fortress of a home, and a local security backup; Marcus Tate. Young individual with a power grip on earths greed riden world…

2) Compton (The Back alleys of Power) – Switching from a beautiful suburban town to a filth ridden gang warfare town, Compton. Back alleys and a background storyline of a gang rivalry or "The Tribal Tigers" and "The Ravens" i think this would be a great level, two targets; Juan Kasher, gunrunner for the tribal tigers and self proclaimed "mayor" a man who only goes by the alias; Hippocrates(NOTE: This was WAY before "Hush" ever became a target) the streets would be filled with back alleyway dealings and rumors between the citizens of a "Sewer Palace!" Underground! Apartment buildings and a few characters, lurking…

3) Croatia (The 20th Plaque) – You travel to the Croatian home to the Bridgeford family…one of the most powerful money launderers family in the world. One target; Corey Bridgeford. The heir to Denver & Cleopatra Bridgeford. Corey owns a small villa in the Croatian hills and the home is the residence of the "SANGUINE 20TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!" The SANGUINE clothing line has been going strong for 20 years and the home will host a huge rave party with guards, DJ's and more! A fun level and a true adventure. Also, clients want you to retrieve a USB drive containing SANGUINE material. (After Mission: While going through a safe you find a car drive away, in the seat, the USB drive, the car drives of and it is clear, as you do a head count…Cleopatra Bridgeford is nowhere to be seen…)

4) Alabama (Sweet Home…) – You are traveling to the fields of deserted Alabama. A maple field, Argentina vibes, but a cabin, in the centre of the field, guarded by guards, two floors, one target; Cleopatra Bridgeford. Old senior matriarch but brains like a youth, sharp as a dagger and ALWAYS one step ahead, roaming the high fields and hills, are blending in guards, so it isn't as deserted as you think, watch your steps, I heard they set out bear traps and maybe other stuff! Eliminate Bridgeford and retrieve the USB drive, a fun level, that takes you away from the race you just witnessed, enjoy!

5) Shenzhen (The Murder of the Pharaoh) – You are going next to the high skyscraper "The Valor" you are tasked to eliminate Gyjeko Quano. Catholicism leader and head frontier of "RECOIL" A gunrunning business full of loan sharks and Heather Withernsea. The two are a power duo, with Heather's brawns and brain with power moves and political changes at her fingertips and Gyjeko's fighting spirit, the two are unstoppable. The valpr is 63 stories of partys, wine tasting, art and statue gallery's and the whole building is a gleaming light of neon hope above the Shenxhen sky overlooking the crowded streets as the clouds cover the fear of falling with a everlasting view. The targets are having a meeting I heard, and Heather has a confession to make, wonder what it is? Good luck!!!!

6) Texas (Days of New) – You are traveling to Texas, USA. To take down a CULT trusted by the Texas government to make pests disseapear and the government don't want to get their hands dirty. Your targets are Fabian Boyle, a radical cultist and head of the "Days of New cult" and Codename: Angel. The first female decimal and second in command of the cult. The roadmap is a street, with a forest in the background, where the Cult's lair is, along the forest, cult members armed with silenced rifles will hunt you down, as you enter the trees it is a HOSTILE AREA. Up the road, left is the "Shakin 'n Bakin" diner place, built like a 80's diner, the Cult use this to store their weapons and ammunition in case of an emergency, to the right is a old box factory, covered in mold, we believe that is what the cult uses as a body storage section. Angel is a unkow n specimen and former scientist to ETHER, strangely, the day ANGEL made her first killing, her record was wiped, Fabian Boyle is head commander and a real nightmare of a man, a master of deception and a true con artist, enjoy!

7) London (Me or You?!) – Me or You is a British famous game show where the plot is this, the contestants sit on stools and are given questions, if they get it wrong the opposing player gets to choose to give herself the mystery item, which could be a car, vacation cash etc or to hand it over to her opponent which could be the same things, but…some items could be bugs, a slap or even getting SERIOUSLY hurt, a sadistic game show indeed, you must infiltrate the studio and take out the two lead coordinators of the show, lead technical service women and mastermind, Ellanore Graves. And head host and quiet sadistic heartbreaker, Arnold A. Arthur, AKA – Arthur the Wrathful. The two, in a illegal betting ring, have gotten their hands on a jewel, from Russia and a key government asset. Infiltrate the studio, take out the targets and retrieve the jewel. Enjoy!

And that is it! I did do a bonus pack which contained two bonus missions and a bonus map! Let me know if you wanted to see those?


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