I try not to be demanding, but the Satu Mare Delirium was a real missed opportunity to do something special. Here’s a concept for something better.

They wanted to throw back to Codename 47. They made a mission where you start on a gurney, in a straight jacket. That's it.

So I spent some time thinking of how they could have better justified that price of this expansion pack and actually done some justice to the Hitman Legacy, which appeared to be their intent with this lackluster Escalation.

Most of these ideas reuse existing assets to some extent, be it AI routines/behaviors or textures/models for new outfits.

Premise: 47 is having a very bad no good dream. In it, he awakes in the abandoned relic that was once a power plant in Berlin. He is confronted by some unpleasant memories – both ancient and recent.

Level 1: Asylum Escape

  1. Escape the Asylum (the car near the gas station is the only exit)
  2. Do it in the Straight Jacket or 47's Signature Suit

Level 2: Meet Your Brother

  1. Eliminate at least 5 No. 48's (there are 10 total)
  2. Escape the Asylum (the car near the gas station is the only exit)

Level 3: Asylum Aftermath

  1. Eliminate at least 5 No. 48's (there are 20 total)
  2. Eliminate Your Predecessor
  3. Eliminate Your Friend
  4. Eliminate Yourself
  5. Escape the Asylum?


  1. Doctors- Standard Doctor outfits, male or female. They reside in secured areas.
  2. Failed Clones- Identical in appearance to Agent 47. They wear Patient Robes (modified version of Gunther's robes from Whittleton Creek), pale green robe over white t-shirt and pale green shorts, pale green slippers. These Clones take the places of Civilian NPC's and wander around aimlessly, using the slow, shambling animations of Owen Cage or the Infected (Patient Zero). They do not react to your presence in any way apart from fleeing danger, nor can they compromise you.
  3. No. 48's- Identical in appearance to Agent 47. No. 48's wear 47's Signature Suit, but the tie is loosened (basically the Terminus Suit, only clean/undamaged, and the collar isn't popped). These Clones take the place of Guards. There is an additional wrinkle- If one spots you, they will hunt you down permanently (like the Hunter in that infamous Colorado Escalation). This is a great way to achieve your 5 required kills, but can be a problem if you aren't careful. This is especially challenging because if they pass near another No. 48, that one will begin to hunt you as well (they've shared their knowledge).
  4. Agent 17/Your Predecessor- Agent 17 is an early successful clone. Also identical in appearance to Agent 47, wearing the same black suit but with an orange tie and black sunglasses. 17 does not possess 47's superior strength or freedom of thought, but he is a worthy adversary who knows how to blend in (he will not appear when using instinct and is not marked in any way). Agent 17 will hunt 47 if 47 is Compromised. 17 appears as a target once the 5th No. 48 is eliminated.
  5. Lucas Grey/Your Friend- Lucas Grey appears as a Target as 47's nightmare nears its crescendo. Grey appears once Agent 17 has been eliminated. Grey cannot be spotted with Instinct and is not marked or highlighted in any other way. Grey will not fall for any of 47's traps (to simplify the programming, the traps just don't affect him.. it's a dream after all). Defeating Grey will require careful observation of the nearby area – Grey will taunt you over your ear piece when he's in your vicinity. Grey will also set explosive traps, so keep an eye out.
  6. Agent 47/Yourself- The game does not explain what to do here but it does offer hints that you're not literally supposed to kill yourself. Diana chimes in with a profile on 47- "THAT, is Agent 47- legendary Hitman for the ICA, urban legend, clone, gardener, cook, janitor, drummer, the list goes on. Perhaps the only thing Agent 47 cannot do is face himself in the mirror." Hint hint. If you blow yourself up, you fail the mission. Rather, find a mirror and shoot your reflection. This shatters 47's nightmare reality and ends his dream, and he escapes the Asylum of his nightmares once more.
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  1. Classic Silverballer: You can find 47's classic Silverballer locked away somewhere on the map. It's the ICA Silverballer, yes, but it features the Hitman insignia on the slide, as it should. *Unlocks after completing Level 2*
  2. Kalmer/Sieker: The two versions of the dart gun are kept in lockers. The Doctors may have the key.
  3. TAC-SMG & TAC-SMG-S: Carried by No. 48's.
  4. Blackballer: Carried by Agent 17. Virtually identical to the ICA 19, but features the Hitman Insignia on the slide. *Unlocks after completing Level 1*
  5. Striker: Carried by Lucas Grey.
  6. Silverballer Custom: Agent 47's upgraded Silverballer with an upgraded suppressor (somewhere between standard and Krugermeier) and extended magazine. (sorry, no laser sight). *Unlocks after completing Level 3*, and replaces the Classic Silverballer in the locker when replaying the Escalation.
  7. Lethal/Sedative/Emetic Poisons: Syringe or Vial form. Found on doctors and other logical places throughout the map.
  8. Fibre Wire: One of the first items 47 might find, just outside the room he starts in.
  9. Coins: Yeah. You'll find coins.
  10. Lethal and non-lethal melee weapons and items are scattered throughout as usual.

Disguises (Note: Every enemy is a super enforcer, so disguises are utterly useless.

  1. Straight Jacket- Yeah, the one that was released with this Escalation. *Unlocks by playing the Escalation*
  2. 47's Signature Suit- Found in a locker just outside your starting room, should you decide the straight jacket isn't your style.
  3. Doctor- Typical lab coat over blue scrubs, sometimes glasses, blue surgical gloves. Useless,
  4. Clone's Robes- Pale green/blue robe over white shirt and shorts, pale green slippers.
  5. No. 48- 47's Signature Suit with a loosened tie. *Unlocks by completing the Escalation*
  6. Agent 17's Suit- Like 47's Signature Suit, but with an orange tie and black sunglasses. *Unlocks by completing the Escalation*
  7. The Number 6- You can take Grey's clothes *if you want*.
  8. Blood Money Suit- Found somewhere on the map.
  9. Terminus Suit- Found somewhere on the map.
  10. Requiem Suit – Found somewhere on the map.
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