If I Designed: Berlin Egg Hunt Seasonal Event

A lot of people, including myself, were pretty disappointed to find out that the Berlin Egg Hunt seasonal event was yet another escalation instead of a full mission like Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival. What we got definitely wasn't bad, but it had so much potential for a full mission rather than an escalation.

Here is what I personally would have done if I designed the Berlin Egg Hunt seasonal event:

Mission Format and Objectives

First off, my Berlin Egg Hunt would be a regular mission and NOT an escalation. The mission will preferably be available to play offline and have in game saving enabled.

As for the objectives/targets I would make the targets similar to Apex Predator; there are a total of ten rabbit targets spread out across the outer areas of the map. However, you only need to eliminate five of them to complete the mission. I personally loved Apex Predator's target format and it would be cool to use this same target format again! You can eliminate any five rabbits of your choice, but they have to be eliminated with lethal poison or an accident. Eliminating a target in any other way will immediately fail the mission. You have a restricted loadout, starting location, and are restricted to wearing the Raver outfit the whole mission. You also immediately fail the mission if any non-targets are eliminated. Once you eliminate five rabbits, the remaining rabbits will "hop" away to evacuate the map. Similar to Apex Predator, you are still allowed to eliminate the remaining rabbits and earn more XP, but they won't be highlighted in instinct and on the map once you eliminate five rabbits.

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Map design/layout

The map layout will be similar to the current Egg Hunt escalation: there are Easter decorations all across the map, as well as additional guards in the outer areas, and different poison eggs spread out across the map as well. You are expected to kill your five targets with the lethal poison eggs or make vomit in an area where you can drown them or push them off a cliff for an accidental kill. The sedative eggs will allow you to knock out any guard that gets in your way without voiding you SA rating. The one thing I would add to the map is more exits. The current escalation only has a single exit. Having ten targets across the map should come with multiple exits for multiple playthroughs. Other than that, the map layout is actually already quite good, so there's nothing else I would really change.

Challenges and Rewards

Complete the Berlin Egg Hunt

Unlock requirements: Pretty self explanatory: complete the Berlin Egg Hunt mission.

Reward: The Raver Outfit, but WITH the yellow bunny mask. IDK why the current Raver Outfit doesn't come with the bunny mask; without it, it just looks like a yellow hoodie version of the Smart Casual Suit, which is pretty lame!

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Stop the bunny hop!

Unlock Requirements: Eliminate a fleeing bunny target after you eliminated five targets.

Reward: Green Egg. An emetic poison grenade disguised as an egg. Emits emetic poison when broken and will cause any npc near the gas to seek somewhere to vomit. The green egg is legal in all disguises/suits.

Berlin Egg Hunt: Silent Assassin

Unlock Requirements: Complete the Berlin Egg Hunt with the Silent Assassin rating. Only eliminate your targets, no bodies found except for accidents and poison, no recordings, do not get compromised.

Reward: Blue Egg. A sedative poison grenade disguised as an egg. Emits sedative poison when broken and silently sedates any npc near the gas. (Basically a superior version of the concussion grenades/explosives) The blue egg is legal in all disguises/suits.

Killer Rabbit of Berlin

Unlock requirements: Show who's the deadliest rabbit. Eliminate all ten targets. This challenge can be completed across multiple playthroughs, like the "Eliminate all ICA Agents" challenge in Apex Predator.

Reward: White Rabbit Suit. This suit is the same white rabbit suit that is worn by the white rabbit npc in the current Berlin Egg hunt escalation.


To sum it up, if I designed the Berlin Egg Hunt, I would've made it a regular mission with a target format similar to Apex Predator and with some certain kill requirements and objective restrictions. I would keep the current map layout from the current Berlin Egg Hunt Escalation with the addition of more exits. My mission would also include four challenges, each with their own unlocks.

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What do you think of my design? Would you change anything? What would you change to the current Berlin Egg Hunt? I'm getting really tired of escalations and the five amazing HITMAN 3 sandbox maps have SO MUCH potential for bonus missions, special assignments, and (full) seasonal missions.


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