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Io Interactive’s 2018/2019 financial statement is quite interesting to read.

Content of the article: "Io Interactive’s 2018/2019 financial statement is quite interesting to read."

Best direct link I have – https://datacvr.virk.dk/data/visenhed?enhedstype=virksomhed&id=24216209&soeg=io%20interactive&type=undefined&language=en-gb

For the above, go to "Financial Statements" and then select the pdf document.

Copying over some information

Financial Review

In 2018/19, the group's revenue amounted to DKK 154,103 thousand against DKK 120,823 thousand last year. The income statement for 2018/19 shows a profit of DKK 16,416 thousand against a profit of DKK 40,926 thousand last year, and the group's balance sheet at 31 March 2019 shows equity of DKK 94,653 thousand. Realised profit in FY19 is lower than last year due to higher production cost in 2019 and that Hitman 2 sales has underperformed. Sales of the backlog titles have performed over expectation. Management considers the result for the year to be satisfactory.

The next computer game in the Hitman series, “HITMAN 2”, was released in November 2018 in collaboration with Warner Bros. The game received widespread recognition and several awards for its graphical and technical achievements.

However, the saturation of the market with successful games resulted in the sale of “HITMAN 2” underperforming slightly.

This saturation, however, has had no effect on the sale of the Company's other products, which have tended to exceed the sales forecast.

In order to meet the Company's need to be able to attract qualified labour, the subsidiary IO Interactive AB was established with headquarters in Malmö

(text from statement ended above)

Based on some of the actual values, they do have some significant expenses (probably mostly because of post H2 + H3 + new studio) . Their profit is less than 3 million USD. And as stated above, H2 didn't do as well as expected. Which was somewhat known, but it's confirmed.

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There's more to the actual financials, but perhaps their (if any) deal with Sony and Epic might have been more helpful than we would all assume.

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