IOI Insider Recap [Season of Envy, New Unlocks, Shoulder Swap, Featured Contracts, Q&As, and more]

Recap done by Anthony Fuller
VOD to the IOI Insider livestream

IOI Insider – TLDR/W

  • Season Reveal
    • Act 6: Envy – 28th September to UNKNOWN
      • “More unique gameplay inspired sin” – Travis
      • Escalation – Mendoza – The Envy Contention <3 stage>
        * The Odium Suit
        * Jaeger 7 Green Eye (Sniper)
        * The Cat’s Claw (Knife)
      • You will be facing off with “The Rival” in this Escalation
        * You must be faster and kill the targets (in specific ways) before The Rival
        * Looks like you can bring a loadout? If not you’ll be in the Mendoza tux, The Rival will be wearing The Odium suit
        * Returning characters as targets: Kashmirian, Sister Lei, Derek and more!
        * The Rival’s route might not be the same every time“
        * A lot of variety in this escalation” – Travis
  • Revealed Patch Notes (Travis’ highlights)
    • Return of Shoulder Swap!
      • “Something we had in the previous games”
      • It will be an option in the menu, off by default
      • V on PC and the left stick on controllers
    • Changed the mouse sensitivity with snipers on PC
    • New categories for the loadout menu
      • Deluxe and 7DS suits (Used to be bundled into the themed category)
    • Paris prompts on doors are being fixed
    • Dartmoor Garden Show FCs will now count to completion of the challenges
  • Featured Contracts
    • Already live in the game
    • Let Them Eat Cake by Viv
      • Located in Dubai
      • “It was really fun to play” – Clemens
      • Good take on the Gluttony theme
    • Healthy Eating by TheChicken
      • Located in Dubai
      • “Find the apples and take out the chef”
    • I am Vegan! by Atomicgarbage
      • Located in Mendoza
      • Clemens’ favourite
      • Plays on the dialogue in the game
    • 60 Completed Featured Contracts Unlock
      • Hackl Sniper Rifle Covert Ducky Edition
    • Community FCs in the season of Envy
      • 3 developers have been lined up to choose one each
      • They will talk about why they picked the contract to be featured
      • Thread will be up a bit sooner than usual, but will run for the same amount of time (about a week)
  • Community Q&A
    • This time we had a questions thread picked in priority order
    • Q: How is your day?
    • A: Clemens: Pretty good until the camera broke
    • Q: What did you have for Breakfast?
    • A: Clemens: didn’t eat breakfast
    • Q: Is there plans to use Carpathian Mountains more?
    • A: Good question, but by it’s nature it’s pretty linear, as always it’s being discussed
    • Q: Contracts Mode Update?
    • A: On the table, nothing immediately on the horizon
    • Q: Modding Policy
    • A: Many considerations and discussing it with different departments, nothing new. They see people doing it, not inheriently against modding. Looking at whether is should be review with what players are doing.
    • Q: How many people are working on Hitman 3 Live content?
    • A: Very rarely share exact number on how many are working on projects. They said positions in the stream (will get timestamp later). More people working on H3 now than there was a few months ago.
    • Q: What happens after 7DS?
    • A: That time hasn’t come yet. They’re still doing it, focusing on that. They will start talking about what’s next after 7DS has finished. There are plans.
    • Q: Content in maps on previous games (Said in interview)
    • A: That was the plan, but they have changed. It might go somewhere, it might now.
    • Q: Elusive Target Formula
    • A: Ongoing discussions, looked at changing it and ended up not making those changes at launch. “Stay tuned”
    • Q: What happens when the EGS exclusivity ends?
    • A: 12 months of exclusivity after launch. They will have announcements at that point in time.
    • Q: Full roadmap
    • A: Tuesday 28th of September
    • Q: Do you two work on content?
    • A: No, not really. They work in the Marketing Department primarily. They put content infront of the team that they see on social media. Constantly watching the forum and social media (Twitter, Reddit etc) on what’s going on. Every Thursday they have meetings with the live team on what’s coming up.
    • Q: The Envy Trailer related games
    • A: The chair is no longer green like the trailer, it’s a different colour. They changed it after but did not have time to re-record it.
    • Q: Any new sniper assassin missions?
    • A: No I don’t think so. Not that Travis knows of, no plans.
    • Q: Any comments on 2016’s release on GOG?
    • A: They’re having conversations with internal teams and GOG. There will probably be comments to come as and when they have it.
    • Q: Promote fan made websites?
    • A: Absolutely. Proud to have an active community. Examples: HITMAPS.com, hitmanstat.us, several other communities such as the speedrunning community.
    • Q: Is Wrath done?
    • A: It’s very nearly done. Content production takes a while, needs time for QA and bug testing.
    • Q: What does the future of Hitman 3 look like:
    • A: “Pretty good” – Travis
  • Other Info
    • Some unlocks here, some surprises on the roadmap next Tuesday
    • Tuesday, 28th of September is the update day with roadmap and patch notes
      • There is a patch on all platforms!
      • No specific end time to maintenence
      • Usual times for this
    • Hitman 3 Live team have been working on the 7DS
    • “Unlock packed roadmap”
    • Another mid-season IOI Insider Extra stream










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