Is this the solid gold idea for DLC i think it is?

So having heard that the plan for DLC is that what we'll get will likely be revamps of existing destinations as with the Sapienza seasonal content, and not brand new locations like New York and Haven Island, i was somewhat dissapointed.

But then i thought about it and i started to wonder if it was actually possible to basically have the best of both worlds…

What i envisaged was basically a sequel/companion to the Dartmoor level – an Agatha Christie/Noir affair based on Murder on the Orient express that takes that last most recent level and reskins it using existing assets like the vintage victorian carriages from the Mumbai level. The intentionally camp Cluedo-style scenario would basically be some shadowy organisations have teamed up to gather the best assasins, spys and detectives in one place with the intention of having them take eachother out – 47 is reunited with the Kashmirian, the Spy/model from Paris, the Detective from dartmoor, and various other appropriate types from his earlier adventures.

With all of the assets already created and in place (they'd have to create almost nothing new but it would feel like something very different when put together) the team can go to town on lore and build the kind of subtle flexible storytelling like the Mumbai level with it's complex branching mission stories.

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If they really wanted to butter our parsnips I'd have the level start at a station and call at one mid mission. I also really liked when you had AI npc assistance for your kills in Mendoza, so I'd like to see the opposite with the other npc characters secretly undoing your efforts like switching poisoned drinks or throwing devices out of the windows, and you having to work out who's after who in a sort of low key assasins Battle Royale. It would also make it much harder to set up kills. Lots of potential for proxy kills, could reuse a few of the elusive targets like that little miss marple lady from Marrakesh or the censor from Willow creek.

This is as far as i can work out the most transformative thing you could do with existing content without having to create too much – is it as solid of an idea as i think or am i insane?

In an ideal world I'd have Jodi Comer voice an unnamed Villanelle for a subtle killing eve crossover like when sean bean turned up in Florida, but that's obviously pushing it..

If any devs see this you can have the idea for free, just let me voice a train guard and drop me round a copy of that James Bond game some time this week, please. Seems fair and completely possible right?

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