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I’ve just played through Hitman 2 Silent Assassin again. My opinion has changed from my last post.

Content of the article: "I’ve just played through Hitman 2 Silent Assassin again. My opinion has changed from my last post."

I admit my last post was overly critical of the game. I went through it again, and I'll bump my overall rating of the game to a 6.5-7. Although I stand by what I said on the crappy disguise system, I worked out a way around that. The trick is to avoid eye contact and close the door quickly once past a guard. Although I think its still dumb, I found it manageable. But the maps are very good, especially the St Petersburg and Sicily maps, they are very well made, easy to navigate, and encourage puzzle solving and trial and error which I admire. I didn't realize some missions gave weapon rewards for a 'Silent Assassin' rating. That felt great!!!

Although the maps can be quite hostile, I still enjoy the bulk of the missions, with the obvious exception being the one's you have to play as a shooter (the finale), and the one's where the guards never leave you alone (the Japan missions). My personal favourite was the 'Invitation to a Party mission, as Hitman works best when you stalking around a posh mansions killing foreign criminals, which I think IO Interactive realised before they released the newer Hitman's. I still dislike how the game forces you down linear corridors, but it was well designed, and it was before the franchise found it's footing, so I can forgive that.

I also like how it humanizes 47, it adds a new layer and motive to the Hitman games, and I prefer playing as a complex character then a souless killing machine. They knocked it out of the park music wise. Although I hated the Japanese missions, as I felt the mission design was poor, it was made so much more tolerable thanks to the uplifting Jesper Kyd Japenese Castle music. It made my heart flutter and had a profound effect on me, and made the press e to escape monet so satisfying as you watch 47 fly away as the guards curse at you.

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So all-in-all, yes the disguise system is a devolution of Codename 47's (although I appreciate they were trying stuff out, but as the saying goes: if it ain't broke, don't fix it), and yes the hostile maps can be exhausting, as well as the annoying emphasis on sneaking at 0.5mph, the overall game is good. The gunplay is fantastic, the base in Italy is a nice touch, and the Silent Assassin rating system gives it replay-ablity. So I'll give it a 6.5-7/10. Codename 47 is still the better game overall imo, as the levels were designed better (except the jungle missions).

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